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Everyone’s savings journey and values are different, which means that a single way of saving can’t be right for everyone.  With Creative Pension trust, we empower our members to make decisions about how they save. This can grant some members a greater sense of alignment with their values and needs.

Why might I change my investment strategy?

When you start saving with Creative Pension Trust, we enrol you using our Default Investment Strategy. We have developed this strategy to be effective for anyone who isn’t comfortable making their own investment decisions.

When your money is invested using our Default Investment Strategy, we invest in a way that is designed to grow your savings in the long term during your early and mid-career years. We spread your money into a carefully selected range of funds that invest in a broader portfolio of other investment funds.

Over the years, we will change the mix of these investments depending on the financial outlook and how far you are from your retirement. As you get closer to your retirement, we automatically invest your money for the short term to ensure it is ready to be taken when you need it.

However, this strategy does not necessarily suit all people. You may find that, instead, you’d prefer to have more input into how your savings are invested. With Creative Pension Trust, there are several options that can enable you to save in ways more attuned to your individual values, risk tolerance or flexibility needs.

What are my options?

If you do choose to be more involved in your investments, Creative Pension Trust members have several alternatives depending on your priorities. You can adjust your investment style to suit your needs. Below are the available options for investment choices (click on the links for more information about each investment type):

  • Investing for Individual Interests – This type of investing is designed to appeal for those with specific investment knowledge or interests.
  • Investing for future flexibility – This may be suitable for those with considerable pension savings and who are looking for greater flexibility at retirement.
  • Investing for your attitude to risk – This type of investing is especially notable for those who have strong preferences regarding tolerance for risk vs. reward.
  • Investing for faith (Shariah Fund) – This fund could be appropriate for those who prefer that their investments are made in alignment with Shariah principles.
  • Investing for good – This fund could be of interest to those looking to invest in line with Ethical, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Each of these investment types can offer you greater control over your finances and how your money is invested. Exploring and understanding the possibilities open to you is an important part of managing your finances; taking the time to read through these different investment types may help.

Alternatively, you may find that our Default Investment Strategy is still the option best suited to your needs and goals, in which case we will continue to manage your pension investments on your behalf.

Ready to start saving the way you want? Check out this Help Centre page to get started: How to change my investments

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