We want to ensure everybody has the opportunity to invest in a way that they are comfortable with.

Creative Pension Trust is proud to offer you access to our Shariah Fund, so you can be sure your money is invested in a way that adheres to Shariah principles.

How you can invest your money

If you prefer to make your own investment choices or you have particular requirements that you want to ensure are taken into account, you can easily choose your own investment funds and change them at any time using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

You may wish to invest in a way that closely aligns with your religious principles. With Creative Pension Trust, this can be done through our Shariah Fund.

Some alternative investment choices include:

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More information

Want to know how we invest your money when you pay in? Watch this video to learn more about our Default Investment Strategy, which we will use to invest your money unless you decide to make your own choice of investment fund:

How faith-based investing works with our Shariah Fund

Choosing your own investments is known as ‘freestyling’, which means making decisions about how your money is invested without intervention from us. This might be because you have personal religious considerations that you would like to prioritise.

Our Shariah Fund is governed by the requirements and principles of Shariah law under the principles of Islam. By choosing to invest in this fund you can be confident that your money is invested in line with comprehensive rules and required by Shariah principles.

To find out more about our Shariah Fund, take a look at the Investment Choices Guide, which you can find in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

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