Why choose Creative Auto Enrolment Pension? Because we provide new and small employers a complete auto enrolment pension...

… one end-to-end solution that takes all the responsibilities and requirements off auto enrolment your desk, handing you back your time, saving you money and hassle – so you can be free to do your thing.

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Save time

As a new employer, your time is vital. Creative Auto Enrolment Pension is quick and easy to set up and handles the time consuming tasks for you.

Guaranteed acceptance

We welcome all UK employers of all sizes and any sector. There’s no faffing around, no haggling and no application process – just a great deal for you and your employees.

Quick setup

No previous experience is needed and there are no complicated questions to answer. We’ll set up your scheme so it meets all the legal requirements demanded of you.

Once and done

After every payroll, our system walks you through an end-to-end process to assess employees, validate contributions are correct, auto enrol employees and issue communications.

Looking after you

Once you’re up and running, we’ll file all the relevant paperwork with the Pensions Regulator and keep it up to date so they know you’re on top of your legal obligations.

Save money

Creative Auto Enrolment Pension provides significant value for a low, flat fee and protects you from regulatory fines and enforcements through our Auto Enrolment Compliance Guarantee.

Auto enrolment compliance guarantee

We know most people don’t want to be a pension expert, so our process is designed to ensure you can’t get it wrong, so no risking a hefty fine from the Pensions Regulator.

Low cost, high value

You get the same great value and level of service as any other employer – however large or small – thanks to our modern, multi-employer master trust workplace pension.

Managed by experts

Running a workplace pension responsibly can be costly and involve expensive external consultants. Our experts work tirelessly behind the scenes to do everything for you.

A valuable benefit

To make sure your workplace pension is a valuable employee benefit, our experts communicate helpful and insightful information to members so they can take control of their financial wellbeing.

Save hassle

Avoid the hassle of changing processes and systems or having to become a pension expert. Creative Auto Enrolment Pension doesn’t require specialist knowledge or extra payroll software and is powered by Creative Pension Trust, a workplace pension run by experts for thousands of organisations and their employees.

Creative Payday Guarantee

Our unique process takes place after you close your payroll, so there’s no risk of auto enrolment issues preventing you from paying your people on time.

Reliable, secure, cloud-based

Our system requires no installation, is always up to date and works with all modern payroll systems. No costly extras. No fiddly plugins required. Zero unplanned downtime4.

Friendly help, on hand

Our experts live and breathe auto enrolment, so you don’t have to. Help with any questions or challenges is just a call away so you can confidently get the job done every time.

Employee-friendly simplicity

Many pensions are confusing and complex. To save you from needing to know all the answers, we’ve designed our scheme to be user-friendly and easy-to-understand.

1, 2 Jan 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. 3 Nov 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

4 Our auto enrolment system performance: 100% uptime with no unplanned downtime. From time to time, we perform upgrades during periods of low or no usage. All users receive advanced notice before planned upgrades and maintenance are performed.

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