Auto Enrolment Services for Payrolls, Accountants & IFAs

Creative is the only leading UK supplier of auto enrolment services for advisers that guarantees your compliance, and your customers’ compliance, with auto enrolment requirements. We provide auto enrolment services for Professional Advisers including accountants, payroll providers and financial advisers throughout the UK and are trusted by over 1,700 accountants and payroll providers.

Powered by Creative, one of the UK’s leading financial solutions providers, and Creative Pension Trust, one of the UK’s fastest-growing multi-employer pension Master Trusts, our Creative Auto Enrolment Pension offers you fastest and safest way for you to handle your customers’ auto enrolment duties without impacting on your time.

Cut the time auto enrolment takes without cutting corners

When it comes to providing auto enrolment services for advisers, our solution is recognised and preferred by many leading accountants, payroll companies and financial advisers thanks to its speed, accuracy, simplicity and safety.

We provide an end-to-end solution, handling employer duties and the auto enrolment process around your existing advisory and payroll processes. Without making any unnecessary changes, Creative Auto Enrolment Pension lets you deliver the services your customers expect together with all these auto enrolment processes:

  • Assessing your customers’ workforces
  • Automatic postponement
  • Validating customers’ contributions
  • Auto enrolling their employees into Creative Pension Trust, our multi-employer master trust
  • Issuing employee communications on behalf of your customers
  • Checking for errors, underpayments and arrears
  • Collecting their pension contributions by Direct Debit
  • Re-enrolment of their workforces
  • Making their Declarations of Compliance to the Pensions Regulator (tPR)

And the bonus? We offer you all these services at no cost to you and very low cost to your customers.

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Why choose Creative Auto Enrolment Pension?


  • Sign your customers up in minutes
  • Free for all Professional Advisers
  • Just £23.00 per month for employers
  • Guaranteed acceptance for all your customers
  • No complex decisions
  • Turns hours of work into a few minutes – make payroll the way it used to be!
  • Doesn’t interfere with the payroll run


  • 100% secure, cloud-based software
  • Professional Advisers receive their own free dedicated portal
  • The only auto enrolment pension that guarantees your compliance and your customers’ compliance
  • No risk to your reputation – because you can’t get auto enrolment wrong!
  • Powered by Creative Pension Trust, leading authorised Master Trust
  • Part of the Cushon Group



  • Payroll agnostic
  • Dedicated Helpdesk of auto enrolment experts
  • Customer Satisfaction rated ‘Excellent’
  • Pension governed by independent Board of Trustees
  • Use our easy-to-follow process and you can’t make a mistake

Relax, your reputation is in safe hands

It’s all too common that employers fail to get their auto enrolment duties right, often because of an honest mistake. In fact, the Pensions Regulator have fined over 49,000 employers* for failing to comply. As their trusted adviser, you can have the confidence of knowing you can’t go wrong with Creative Auto Enrolment Pension.

Because we’ve designed our auto enrolment services for advisers around their precise needs, we can promise you:

  • Pre-accepted terms for every one of your clients: so you won’t have to turn them away
  • A Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme: that’s pre-designed so there are no complex decisions to make
  • A secure company pension: that’s modern, low-cost and easy for employees to understand
  • No risk of failing to pay employees on time: because our unique process is run after you close payroll
  • To make payroll the way it used to be: by managing auto enrolment separately without any impacts
  • No silly mistakes or nasty surprises: because we validate contribution data, prevent arrears and do all the legal paperwork for you, you and your clients don’t risk turning a small mistake into a big problem
  • Our Auto Enrolment Compliance Guarantee: by following our simple process, both you and your compliance benefit from our Auto Enrolment Compliance Guarantee

Your reputation and the reputation of your customers are hard-earned. Don’t risk it – work with us and you’ll never need to worry about auto enrolment again. Small wonder over 1,700 Professional advisers and over 12,000 UK employers choose Creative Auto Enrolment Pension to safeguard theirs.

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*The Pension Regulator report, period ending 31/03/2019, 2017-2018 data.


Auto enrolment queries answered per month

Trusted by over

accountants and professional advisers


unique payrolls compliance guaranteed each month


employees assessed each month

What do you get when you sign up?

When you make Creative Auto Enrolment Pension the chosen auto enrolment solution for your practice, you’ll benefit from:

  • Your own dedicated portal: with a simple and speedy process that’s easy to understand
  • Bulk uploading capability: so you can process your customers quickly and effectively
  • Validation and arrears checking built-in: so neither you nor your customers can go wrong
  • Dedicated experts on hand: a Helpdesk to answer any technical or specialist auto enrolment queries

We offer everything you need, all in one place, to handle your auto enrolment services and provide your customers’ employees access to a quality, consumer-friendly Workplace Pension at no cost to you and for a very low monthly cost to your customers.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does Creative Auto Enrolment Pension cost?

Accountants, Payroll Providers and IFAs can sign up for a secure, free Professional Adviser Portal, which allows you to easily handle auto enrolment duties for your clients in bulk.

Employers pay £23.00 per month for the full solution. This means all their auto enrolment duties are completed on their behalves, and their employees are auto enrolled into the Creative Auto Enrolment Pension scheme of Creative Pension Trust. The pension is run and managed by experts so neither you, nor your clients, will need to become one!

Does Creative Auto Enrolment Pension work with any type of payroll software?

Yes. We map our software to work with any standard payroll report behind the scenes and you can even enter data manually if you prefer.

Do you really guarantee auto enrolment compliance?

Yes. All you need to do is follow our simple process online and, as long as you provide us with the correct payroll data, we’ll handle the rest. We go much further than any other major master trust or multi-employer Workplace Pension Scheme to ensure mistakes don’t happen. We even complete every employers’ declaration of compliance to the Pensions Regulator for them!

What are the benefits of your auto enrolment solution for advisers?

We make running payroll as simple as it used to be before auto enrolment began. You can run and close your payroll in the normal way and then handle auto enrolment afterwards. This way, there are no risks of not paying people on time.

Our solution is fully automated, taking the auto enrolment process from hours to minutes, and all from uploading a single payroll file. We even support bulk uploads, saving you more time.

Unlike any other provider, we offer an Auto Enrolment Compliance Guarantee – when you follow our process, you can’t get anything wrong – which makes for happy, loyal customers.

What pension scheme do you use?

Qualifying employees will be auto enrolled into Creative Pension Trust, a leading UK master trust pension scheme, authorised by the Pensions Regulator. Creative Pension Trust is MAF accredited, multi-employer scheme with over 12,000 participating employers nationwide. The scheme is wholly independent and overseen by an independent Board of Trustees.

What investments are available to members?

Creative Auto Enrolment Pension plan, provided by Creative Pension Trust, offers access to a range of investment funds which are managed by a carefully-selected group if specialist investment fund managers. Members are automatically invested in our Default Investment Strategy, which means they do not have to make their own investment decisions. For members with other requirements, we offer a range of self-select investments to choose from.

How established and secure is the pension and members’ investments?

Very. Creative Pension Trust is authorised and regulated by the Pensions Regulator and a leading UK multi-employer master trust scheme. The scheme is wholly independent of Creative, the scheme sponsor, protected by a legal trust arrangement, and part of the Cushon Group – a leading UK workplace savings and pension provider.

Is Creative Auto Enrolment Pension suitable for larger employers or employers with existing pensions?

Creative Auto Enrolment Pension is Creative Pension Trust’s specially designed scheme for new employers. Larger employers with existing pensions and employee benefits will likely benefit from the expertise of our Employee Benefits Consultants, who can also explain the benefits of Creative Workplace Pension, which is Creative Pension Trust’s scheme designed with SME and larger employers’ needs in mind.

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