We’ll keep it simple: how much is your time and reputation worth?

Remember life before auto enrolment? We do too.

That’s why we designed our complete auto enrolment solution to do everything you need it to do without getting in your way. It’s why, when you partner with Creative, your reputation is assured, you can get your time back, and focus on helping your customers.

So, let’s keep it simple for you – it’s what we do best.

Save time

Simplify your auto enrolment processes and turn minutes into seconds for each client’s payroll. 

Upload payroll files using a dedicated portal, which simplifies everything for you. Unlike other systems, everything is handled in one straightforward process, including validation of personal data and contributions.

No need for multiple systems. No need to manually update employee records when their details change.

Save money

Solve the auto enrolment challenge without it costing the earth. 

We work with all major payroll software. There’s no need for expensive changes to your software and we don’t use unreliable plugins or fiddly APIs. And, when you’re with us, we’ll keep you up to speed with free updates every time we add new features.

Our cloud-based solution is straightforward, robust and reliable – and comes at no cost to you.

Save hassle

Our accountable experts and unique level of support mean auto enrolment need never be a hassle again.

Our process ensures errors and incorrect contributions can’t creep in, so there’s no risk of your clients being issued fines by the Pensions Regulator. And we’re on hand with a friendly team of named, experienced experts to ensure you’ve got the support you deserve whenever you need it.

We go further than any other provider to guarantee compliance without getting in the way of your job.


Auto Enrolment Assessment Software
NOW: Pensions
The People’s Pension
Assessment software provided
Cloud-Based - Always up to date
Full lifecycle auto enrolment supportThe entire auto enrolment journey is processed and automated by our software. No templates letters to download and manually issue.
Creative Compliance GuaranteeRun your payroll, upload your correct payroll data and we’ll do the rest! Don’t risk a regulatory fine for getting it wrong - follow our straightforward process and you're covered.
Creative Auto Enrolment Pay Day GuaranteeWith Creative there's no risk of failing to pay employees on time. Our unique process runs after you close your payroll.
No payroll software upgrades or addons needed
Compliance Support
NOW: Pensions
The People’s Pension
Auto Enrolment Assessment
Auto Re-Enrolment
Automatic Postponement
All automated statutory Comms
Arrears and underpayments checking
tPR Declaration of Compliance completed and submitted for you by an expert
Re-declaration of Compliance completed and submitted for you by an expert


Our friendly, responsive experts are here to help whenever you need, answering over 6,000 auto enrolment technical enquiries per month.

Call time satisfaction 1
Call experience satisfaction 2
Callers that would recommend us 3

1, 2 Jan 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. 3 Nov 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey. 4 Our auto enrolment system performance: 100% uptime with no unplanned downtime. From time to time, we perform upgrades during periods of low or no usage. All users receive advanced notice before planned upgrades and maintenance are performed.

Full lifecycle auto enrolment support

When it comes to auto enrolment,consider it done.

We own the entire auto enrolment journey from start to finish: no manual processes, communications, or costly add-ons. Upload your payroll and we automate everything else – no hidden extras.

Complete support. No third-party extras. Zero downtime. 4

Creative Compliance Guarantee

With Creative, your reputation is in safe hands.

Run your payroll, upload your payroll data, and we’ll do the rest. Follow our quick and straightforward process and you cannot get it wrong. Don’t risk a regulator fine – let Creative guarantee your compliance.

Over 16,000 payrolls compliance-guaranteed every month.

Creative Pay Day Guarantee

Make the payroll process like it used to be.

With Creative, there are no auto enrolment hoops to jump through before you close payroll. Our unique auto enrolment process runs afterwards, so there’s no risk of missing a pay day.

Trusted by over 1,700 professional payroll service providers.

Arrears and Underpayments Checking

Trap errors before they become issues.

Mistakes happen, but not when you’re with us. Our unique validation software ensures all pension contributions are correct. Any arrears and underpayments are corrected before they can become significant issues.

Over ¼ million employees assessed each month.

We love working with you. It’s the most efficient and simplest auto enrolment scheme I’ve come across. Thank you all for your high level of customer service.

Debby Norris | Director | Acorn Financial Solutions

In their words…

I would like to say a big thank to you for your help today. You have been extremely helpful with getting pensions up and running.


We love working with you. Its the most efficient and simplest auto enrolment pension scheme I’ve come across […] Thank you all for your high level of customer service.

Debby NorrisDirector | Acorn Financial Solutions

Creative are honestly one of the best in their field.

Pat MageePMM Bookkeeping & Accountancy Services

I can say with experience of many other providers your services are head and shoulders above!

Laura BowmanAuto Enrolment Consultant |Simply Auto Enrolment

Lucy, Thank you for saving the day 🙂

Ken LinAssistant Accountant | Xinlung Group


You are and have been an absolute LEGEND! Thank you for helping me fix everything!

AnushkaAuto Enrolment Customer

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the lovely lady that helped me out today. She was extremely helpful and answered all my questions, told me exactly what I need to do and how to fix everything.

Thank you so much again - it definitely made my work a lot easier today!

Katrina WaskowskaPayroll | Baldwins Payestaff

Oh Flavia, You are a dream support worker. Thank you so much!

Debby NorrisAccountant | The Werks Group

I am most grateful for the friendly and enthusiastic way you assisted.

Martin KessellAssstant Treasurer | Grace Community Church College

Thank you again for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated.

Jade WardPayroll Dept |MAS Accountancy