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It hasn’t always been the case that every UK employer must provide a workplace pension. Although large employers have traditionally provided them, the running costs have been substantial and the requirements complex.

Thankfully, times have changed, and we’ve rethought workplace pensions so they’re manageable and affordable for every employers of all sizes. And we go a step further to simplify auto enrolment so you can be confident that you have everything in hand.

With Creative Auto Enrolment Pension, there’s no need to become a pension expert. Everything that needs to happen, happens – and we manage it all for you. And, although not all pensions are compliant with auto enrolment, it goes without saying that ours is, so you’re good to go.

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By choosing Creative Auto Enrolment Pension by Creative Pension Trust, you’re joining over 12,000 other businesses who benefit from our multi-employer workplace pension.

Unlike traditional occupational pensions our multi-employer scheme, known as a Master Trust, is run on behalf of all participating employers for the benefit of their employees. This not only frees employers from the complexities of running their own workplace pension, it also offers a range of fantastic benefits:

No barrier to entry

We accept all employers at a single, low monthly cost to provide auto enrolment compliance and no charge to employers to join our workplace pension.

Employee friendly

Pensions aren’t known for being straightforward. That’s why we’ve built our scheme differently, with online account access, a helpful member website and clear, regular communications, quality investments as standard powered by global specialists, and a range of ways to draw money in retirement.

Low member charges

Rather than having to negotiate individually with a traditional pension provider, our scheme provides one simple set of very competitive, low member charges for all.

Access to global expertise

By serving employers in the thousands from across the UK, our scale and the economies it provides mean we can access global grade expertise to manage members’ investments at a fraction of the price it would otherwise be.

Professional management

Running a workplace pension requires a range of costly expertise, professional qualifications, and regulatory commitments. With hundreds of years of collective experience, our team undertakes all the work to meet these requirements, so you don’t have to.

With such accessible and comprehensive expertise, Creative Auto Enrolment Pension offers you a robust, compliant, quality workplace pension built for the needs of modern employers and their workforces. When you join us, you’re in good company.

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