Our employee experience is designed to be straightforward, user friendly, and easy to understand.

We offer your employees a simple, secure, long-term home for their lifetime savings.

What the employee experience includes

Our Creative Auto Enrolment Pension plan is powered by Creative Pension Trust, which provides an employee experience designed to make pension saving easy to get to grips with. When your employees save into an account with Creative Pension Trust, they can expect:

  • A simple, effective way to save
  • A range of investment choices
  • Online account access and digital Help Centre
  • Easy to read member guides and regular communications
  • A range of retirement choices

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A highly effective way to save

Auto enrolment exists because the UK workforce isn’t saving enough for retirement and the full state pension is very low. Our Creative Auto Enrolment Pension plan provides a highly efficient way for members to save together with their employers into Creative Pension Trust, our nationally-recognised, multi-employer workplace pension:

  • When your employees pay in, so do you. So long as employees choose to save each month from their pay, employers must pay in too. There are legal minimums and both they and you can choose to pay in more if you choose to. The addition of employer contributions makes a workplace pension a very effective way to save for the future
  • Our standard member charges are significantly less than the legal limits providing members a fantastic, low cost way to save towards their future
  • Contributions are collected directly from members’ pay, so there are no forms to fill in and no setup

Investment choices for a range of needs

Through our partnerships with a range of leading global investment fund managers:

  • Access to a pre-selected default investment strategy that enables us to make investment decisions for members who are not confident doing so themselves. In fact, over 98% of our members trust us to do this on their behalf
  • Members with faith-based investment requirements can choose our Islamic fund, which is fully compliant with Islamic Shariah principles
  • A range of self-select investments for members to choose from

Online account access, support and information

We offer a digital-first experience and strive to ensure members have access to their account and any supportive information and services at their fingertips, including:

  • Online account access for every member via the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal, to administer, update and check on the progress of their pension pots
  • A web-based Member Help Centre filled with useful information, regular updates, videos and how-to guides
  • An easy means to combine old pensions from previous jobs into our low-cost workplace pension

Easy-to-understand member guides and communications

We want our members to have confidence when saving for the future, so we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure members receive an experience that makes sense:

  • Member guides avoid complexity and jargon, providing a magazine-style reading experience so encourage members to learn about their pension, investment choices and retirement options
  • Ongoing member communications provide useful insight and practical tips, signposting simple steps members can take to stay in touch with their money
  • Annual statements provide members with a guide to how their pension is growing and what it may be worth at retirement

Members receive all the benefits of a modern, accessible and user friendly workplace pension at very low cost.

Freedom and choice for members to retire on their terms

Thanks to our modern design, members can choose from a number of options to suit their personal circumstances and retirement plans:

  • A lump sum option, to encash their pension in one go
  • Annuity option, enabling members to secure a regular retirement income using their pension pot, with an optional tax-free lump sum
  • Deferring retirement, in the event they wish to continue working and growing their pension pot
  • Periodic access, allowing members to top up their income from time to time, which can support semi-retirement and part-time working

Plan features and benefits:

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