If you’re unsure about making investment choices, you can simply leave it to us.

Unless you made a specific investment decision when you joined Creative Pension Trust, we will manage your investments on your behalf using our Default Investment Strategy.

How we invest your money

If you choose to leave your investment choices to us, we will use our Default Investment Strategy, which is manages how your money is invested automatically.

We recognise that some pension savers aren’t comfortable making investment decisions, which is why this option is available to all our members automatically.

If you prefer to make your own investment choices or you have particular requirements that you want to ensure are taken into account, you can easily choose your own investment funds and change them at any time using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

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Want to know how we invest your money when you pay in? Watch this video to learn more about our Default Investment Strategy, which we will use to invest your money unless you decide to make your own investment choices:

How leaving it to us with the Default Investment Strategy works

May be suitable for members who don’t want to make their own investment decisions.

When your money is invested using our Default Investment Strategy, we invest in a way that is designed to grow your savings in the long term during your early and mid-career years. This means we spread your money into a carefully selected range of funds that invest in a broader portfolio of other investment funds that hold stocks, shares, government and corporate bonds, which we expect to provide a financial return.

Over the years, we will change the mix of these investments depending on the financial outlook and how far you are from your retirement. Once you get nearer to your retirement, we will automatically ensure your money is invested for the short term, making sure it is ready to be taken when you need it.

This process is known as ‘lifestyling’, which really means ‘making appropriate pension investments suitable for your age.’ In practice, this means we will manage your pension so it has the best opportunity to grow.

Then, as you get closer to retiring, we will begin swapping your investments so the balance in your account becomes more stable and less likely to fluctuate. This way, you have greater certainty of what money you will have to live on in retirement. The chart below shows how we use a combination of investment funds to invest your pension in a range of different kinds if assets and how their proportions change as you get closer to your retirement.

What are the underlying funds in the Default Investment Strategy?

We blend your investments in varying amounts across a range of investment funds provided by a range of specialist investment managers. To find out which funds we use for your plan, take a look at the Investment Choices Guide, which you can find in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

What if you don’t expect to retire at 65?

Unless you tell us otherwise, we will assume that you intend to retire when you turn 65. If you intend to retire earlier or later than 65, you can easily change your target retirement age using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

This is very important if you are invested in the Default Investment Strategy as it enables us to manage the changes to your investment mix at the right times. Doing so also means we can provide you with more accurate projections of the value of your pension pot when you retire.

What if you don’t feel our Default Investment Strategy is right for you?

If you have other specific needs that you would like to account for when deciding how your money is invested, please take a look at some of the other options mentioned at the top of this page and find out more in your plan’s Investment Choices Guide, which you can find in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

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