We’ve designed the employer experience to be as effective and easy to manage as possible.

With one low, flat monthly fee, we make it easy and affordable to handle all of your employer auto-enrolment duties.

Creative Auto-Enrolment Pension:

  • Is auto-enrolment ready
  • Gives you and your employees a tax break
  • Manages quality investments on your behalf
  • Provides flexible member choices and support

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When you sign up for Creative Auto-Enrolment Pension, you are joining an auto-enrolment scheme created with businesses like yours in mind. We work to keep everything consistently as up-to-date and headache-free as possible. The Creative Auto-Enrolment employer experience is:

Auto enrolment ready

Our scheme was designed from the ground up with auto-enrolment in mind. This means you’ll never need to worry about ensuring it continues to meet the regulatory requirements because we do this for you:

  • We integrate with robust, online auto enrolment assessment software, ensuring you can’t go wrong when it comes to assessing your workforce and paying the correct contributions.
  • Our standard member charges are significantly less than the legal limits that apply to auto enrolment pensions, providing members with a fantastic, low cost way to save towards their future.
  • The plan is powered by Creative Pension Trust, which provides a default investment for members’ money, making it easy for members to confidently save without needing to make their own investment choices if they don’t want to.
  • Contributions are collected automatically by Direct Debit, so they reach members’ accounts within the legally required timelines.

Giving you and your employees a tax break

As an HMRC approved occupational pension scheme, Creative Pension Trust offers favourable tax advantages to you and employees, giving you a valuable and cost-effective employee benefit offering and employees a highly efficient way to save. With the Creative Auto Enrolment Pension plan:

  • Your contributions into your employees’ pensions are an allowable business expense for corporation tax
  • Employees that pay income tax receive a significant boost from the tax man when they pay in. In fact, for every £20 they pay in, just £16 comes out of their pay packet if they are a basic rate taxpayer. If they pay higher rate tax, it’s just £12
  • Our scheme uses a Net Pay basis, meaning employees who can benefit from tax relief do so straight away. There’s no need for them to file tax returns to get the full benefit of tax relief

There is just one low, flat monthly fee to handle all your auto enrolment duties.

Quality investments managed on your behalf

We provide a range of robust and well-managed investments designed to support a range of member requirements – from those that don’t want to make investment decisions to those with specific requirements:

  • As a qualifying auto enrolment pension, we provide a quality pre-selected investment, known as a ‘default investment strategy’, so members can save for the future even if they are not confident making investment decisions.
  • We offer a straightforward and uncomplicated range of alternatives to meet a range of other member needs and personal requirements.

Flexible member choices and support

We support members at every stage of their career. From getting started, saving with us, through to retirement and beyond, our services and support are thoughtfully designed, ensuring your focus can remain on growing your business:

  • Members receive online access to their accounts so they can update, administer and check-in on their pension when it’s convenient.
  • We provide a wide range of member how-to guides, financial education and information on our web-based Member Help Centre so you can confidently refer members to us for any help or further information.
  • We provide a range of retirement choices, which includes a flexible option for members who want to continue working for you part time.
  • Regular communications and pension statements are issued by us, so there’s nothing you need to issue manually to your employees.

Learn about what the Creative Auto-Enrolment experience is like for your employees here.

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