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Tracing a Creative Pension Trust account

To trace a Creative Pension Trust account that you have lost touch with, perhaps from a previous employer, all you need to do is get logged-in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

Your Username for the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal would have been provided by email when your employer first set up your pension account with us. If you are unable to locate your Username or other login details, you can retrieve it from the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

Tracing your pension – a step by step guide


Following the link from our website at the bottom of this page, then click on the Forgotten Login Details link on the login.


You will need to provide:

  • Your National Insurance number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your surname
  • Your employer name (the employer that auto enrolled you into this pension)

Once you’ve provided this information, click Submit and we will attempt to match the details provided with our records.


If we can successfully match your details with our records, you will then see a reminder of your Username on screen. Be sure to take a careful note of this as we will NOT send this to you by email.


Check the email address we have for your account. If this is not correct or you have changed your email address, please confirm your new personal email address.

Once you’ve provided this information, click Submit


Check your inbox – we will email you a new password, which should arrive within a few moments. If it doesn’t look like it’s arrived, be sure to check your junk or spam folder.


You can now return to the login screen with your Username and new password. Once you login, you will be asked to confirm some personal information and set up some security questions we can use to identity you.

If we are unable to verify the information provided against our records, we will ask you to provide a contact email address and telephone number.  We will arrange for a member of our team to contact you and get you back up and running on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

Just so you know…

If it’s been a while since you logged in, you may want to find out more about your plan with us. You can find out about all aspects of your Creative Pension Trust account on this website.

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