We offer, as standard:

  • No barrier to entry
  • Low member charges
  • Professional management
  • Employee friendly
  • Global investment expertise
  • Auto enrolment ready
  • Automated salary exchange (salary sacrifice)
  • Flexible member choices
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We’ve designed our Creative Workplace Pension plan for employers who want better value, better outcomes, and better support than their existing workplace pension provides. This means you can say goodbye to expensive third-party employee benefits consultants, investment consultants and paying extra for employee communications.

No barrier to entry

We guarantee to accept all employers at very low charges. Whether you are a large national employer or SME, all employers can benefit from our fair and highly competitive term.

Low member charges

Rather than having to negotiate individually with a traditional pension provider, our scheme provides one low annual management charge for all.

Professional management

Running a workplace pension requires a range of costly expertise, professional qualifications, and regulatory commitments. With hundreds of years of collective experience, our team undertakes all the work to meet these requirements so you don’t have to.

Employee friendly

Pensions aren’t known for being straightforward. That’s why we’ve built our scheme differently. We provide online account access, a helpful member website and clear, regular communications, quality investments as standard powered by global specialists, and a range of ways for members to draw money in retirement.

Global investment expertise

By serving employers in the thousands from across the UK, our scale and the economies it provides mean we can access global grade expertise to manage members’ investments at a fraction of the price it would otherwise be. We provide a range of robust and well-managed investments, powered by the likes of Legal & General, Blackrock, HSBC and State Street Global Advisors, facilitated by our investment partners, Mobius Life. Our scheme is designed to support a range of member requirements – from those that don’t want – or don’t feel qualified – to make investment decisions to those with specific requirements:

  • As a qualifying auto enrolment scheme, we provide a quality pre-selected investment, known as a ‘default investment strategy’, so members can save for the future even if they are not confident making investment decisions.
  • We offer a straightforward and uncomplicated choice of investments to meet a range of scheme members’ needs and personal requirements.

Auto enrolment ready

Our scheme was designed from the ground up with auto enrolment in mind. This means you’ll never need worry about ensuring it continues to meet the regulatory requirements, because our cloud-based, end-to-end solution handles everything for you turning hours of work into just a few minutes:

  • Handles all auto enrolment duties
  • Compatible with any payroll
  • Issues all employee communications
  • Manages opt ins, opt outs and re-enrolment
  • Validates contributions to prevent errors
  • Declaration of compliance

Automated salary exchange (salary sacrifice)

Unlike other workplace pension schemes, we offer Salary Exchange as the default contribution basis for employers and members. Many employers do not benefit from the significant savings afforded by Salary Exchange as many third-party advisers and consultants do not have the experience or capacity to manage such schemes, and most pension providers do not offer it as standard without such third-party support. As a participating employer, you can benefit from Salary Exchange, reducing the financial burden of employer pension contributions by thousands of pounds a year. Ask our experts for a projected cost saving for your organisation to find out more.

Flexible member choices

We support members at every stage of their career to help lighten the load on employers. From getting started, saving with us, through to retirement and beyond, our services and support are thoughtfully designed.

  • Members receive online access to their accounts so they can update, administer and check-in on their pension when it is convenient.
  • We provide a wide range of member how-to guides, financial education and information on our web-based Member Help Centre so you can confidently refer members to us for any help or further information.
  • We provide a range of retirement choices, which includes a flexible option for members who want to continue working for you part time.
  • Regular communications and pension statements are issued by us, so there’s nothing you need to issue manually to your employees.

Made me realise how important it is to get things arranged.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I realised the necessity of sorting my pension out and decoding how I am going to do this.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Really informative.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It made me feel more aware of what I am doing rather than just relying on someone doing it for me.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Presentation was very thorough and outlined all the options available.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I didn't really fully understand pensions and how they worked prior to this and now I feel assured and confident to make a decision to save for my future.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Extremely useful presentation. The Creative representative explained the scheme in terms understandable by everyone.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It has helped me to feel in control of my pension.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It helped explain our options very simply so much easier to understand rather than the usual jargon.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member