Experience and research show that employees find pensions complicated, and so important decisions they should be making about their futures are put off and forgotten.

To better facilitate member decision making, we offer access to help, guidance and ongoing support in a range of different ways – from our online Member Help Centre, workplace financial wellbeing and education seminars, telephone help desk, and more.

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Easy to read member guides

We know traditional pension communications can be confusing, uninspiring, and off-putting. We designed our suite of member guides to provide a fundamentally different member experience. Rather than dull and complicated content that can alienate members, Creative Pension Trust offers a magazine-style experience that makes it more appealing for members to pick up.

Our content is easy to understand, avoids jargon, and assumes zero knowledge. This ensures members can get the answers they need regardless of their knowledge and experience – a great way to grow confidence and engagement when it comes to investing in a workplace pension.

Member Help Centre

Because members look online for quick and easy access to information in all areas of their lives, we believe the same should apply when it comes to their workplace pension. Our Member Help Centre provides members with bite-sized information, “how-to” content, video animations and easy-to-follow walkthroughs. Our content is easy to search and sorted into a range of practical subjects supporting savers at every stage of their journey.

Member Communications

We communicate to all our members by email, providing a quarterly digest of timely, practical and educational information. Each selection of handpicked articles provides answers to popular member questions and gives members the chance to expand their knowledge in key areas like investments.

All articles are designed to provide members with the knowledge they need to make an informed decision, together with useful shortcuts to enact their decisions easily online using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

It’s all been very good.
The best thing I ever did was appoint you guys!

Director, Building and Plumbing Supply Company

Presentation was very thorough and outlined all the options available.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I realised the necessity of sorting my pension out and decoding how I am going to do this.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

He liked the time you gave to the whole exercise and the 1:1 in particular and the avoidance of jargon.

He felt he was able to understand everything for the first time and, from my conversation with him, certainly has a good grasp of the facts.

Manager, Engineering Company