We have a dedicated Financial Education Team to make sure your employees are provided with everything they need.

Experience and research shows that members find pensions complicated, and so important decisions they could be making about their futures are put off and forgotten. To better facilitate member decision making, we offer access to help, guidance and ongoing support in a range of different ways, including worksite and remote Financial Education.

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Applies to Creative Workplace Pension
Applies to Creative Auto Enrolment Pension

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Financial Education Team:

Our Financial Education Team will provide every employee with:

The personal welcome they deserve, ensuring nobody is left behind.

Face to face and online seminars.

Q&A sessions with one-to-one follow-ups.

A personalised welcome pack and personalised investment fund guidance.

A chance to ask questions and get answers in an environment they are comfortable with.

As part of our onboarding process, we offer a range of digital onboarding services that ensure everybody gets the support they need so that they:

  • Are invested in a fund or funds suitable to them.
  • Receive all the general help and support they need.
  • Get help to combine their existing workplace pension and any other previous pension pots.


Scheme Members recommended our Financial Education Seminars.

Made me realise how important it is to get things arranged.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I realised the necessity of sorting my pension out and decoding how I am going to do this.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Really informative.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It made me feel more aware of what I am doing rather than just relying on someone doing it for me.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Presentation was very thorough and outlined all the options available.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I didn't really fully understand pensions and how they worked prior to this and now I feel assured and confident to make a decision to save for my future.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Extremely useful presentation. The Creative representative explained the scheme in terms understandable by everyone.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It has helped me to feel in control of my pension.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It helped explain our options very simply so much easier to understand rather than the usual jargon.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member