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In December, we asked our members to take part in Your Say, our annual survey. So we wanted to share an overview of your feedback and what we’re doing in response to your views.

Tackling environmental impact a priority

Nearly three-quarters of members said it was important that Creative Pension Trust works to tackle climate change and reduce our wider impact on the environment.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues have influenced many people’s purchasing and investment decisions for some time, so it’s important we let you know this is a priority for us.

Under our ZeroByFifty initiative, we’re currently working towards achieving Net Zero by 2050, with an interim goal of a 50 per cent reduction by 2030.

We’re also pleased to announce that all investment providers we work with have now committed to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative – an international group of asset managers committed to supporting the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 or sooner.

Members can also now switch to our Ethical fund, and read more about ethical investment options in their Investment Choices Guide, which can be accessed via the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

Help build a plan for the future

While a third of our members said they are confident they are saving enough for retirement, the remaining two-thirds didn’t feel that way.

But more than half said they would use tools that helped them build a retirement plan, get a clearer picture of what their post-working life would look like, and what they could do to improve their chances of getting the lifestyle they want in retirement.

So we’re happy to confirm that we’ll soon be launching easy-to-use tools that will give you the clarity you want and the means to create an action plan for the future.

This includes a dashboard where you can see all your pensions in one place. With these resources, you’ll be able to find out if you are on track for the lifestyle you want in retirement and understand and implement a plan to get you on course.

We’re also launching an easier way to consolidate your old pensions. This is important, as 65 per cent of members have paid into other pensions, and many said they’d like help with combining old pension pots into one.

We’ll be able to do this by offering assisted transfers and creating an easy to use digital process.

Help getting information

An important finding of the survey was that people don’t know how to access granular details on their pension. For example:

31 per cent said don’t know what they and their employer are paying into their pension

75 per cent aren’t sure how their money is invested

80 per cent of members said they haven’t read a Member Guide for their plan

All this information and more can be found by using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

This lets you:

  • Check how your pension is doing
  • See how much is being paid in by you and your employer
  • Update your contact information
  • Transfer your old pensions
  • Download the Member Guide, Investment Choices Guide, and Retirement Guide for your plan
  • Change your investments
  • Update your planned retirement age
  • Generate statements

If you’re a member, you can also get information about your plans in the Member area of our website.

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