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With effect from 06/04/2022, we will make be making the following changes to the way our membership fees are structured on some of our plans. If your plan is affected by these changes, we will communicate this by email to you.

A summary of the changes we’re making

The following changes will apply to members whose plans include a regular monthly fee:


We will change the threshold below which we stop charging monthly membership fees to £102 for all members. Currently, this threshold is £52 for active members (members who save regularly) and £51.20 for deferred members (members who have stopped paying in).

We will increase our monthly member charge for deferred members from £1.20 to £1.50. This charge is only payable by members who no longer save regularly into their pension with us. The monthly active member charge of £2.00, which is payable by members who do pay in regularly, is not affected.

What does this mean?

If you are regularly saving into your pension pot with us and your plan has a regular monthly fee, your active membership fee of £2.00 will remain the same. If you are no longer paying into your pension pot, your deferred membership fee will increase to £1.50 from £1.20.

However, if you are a member with a pension value of £102 or less, we will no longer charge a monthly membership fee so long as your pension pot remains below this threshold, ensuring the value of your pension pot is protected. This is an improvement from the existing charge threshold of £52 for active members and £51.20 for deferred members.

Why is this changing?

In recent months, the government has consulted with all UK pension providers about protecting the value of smaller pension pots, which we fully support. Accordingly, to help protect savers, we will introduce a new minimum threshold of £102 effective from 06/04/2022. This can benefit anybody with a smaller pension pot, such as short term, temporary or seasonal workers.

Due to the impact of the above changes and a sustained increase in the costs of managing your workplace pension, this means we must increase our deferred member charge. Workplace pensions like Creative Pension Trust charge small, regular monthly member fees to pay towards running costs. These costs include regulatory fees, government levies, and the cost of ensuring members have a robust and well managed way of saving for the future. We believe our new charging structure achieves value and fairness across our membership by protecting those with smaller pension pots and retaining a low-cost monthly charge for all members.

Staying in touch with you

To ensure we can reach you about future changes, new features and benefits coming in 2022, and to receive our quarterly newsletter, Your Future, please ensure we have a valid personal email address.

You can update your contact details at any time using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal

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