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10 SEPT 2019 | LONDON

Creative Pension Trust, the workplace pension scheme chosen by over 15,000 UK employers, has today received Master Trust Authorisation from the Pensions Regulator (tPR) under the Pension Schemes Act 2017.

Creative Pension Trust’s all-in-one solution provides employers guaranteed auto enrolment compliance, member communication and scheme governance, with a streamlined offering for micro employers and start ups and a sophisticated option suitable for SMEs and large national employers.

Commenting on the authorisation of Creative Pension Trust, David White, Managing Director of Creative Auto Enrolment, said:

“The successful introduction of auto enrolment means more people than ever are taking positive steps to save for a retirement they can look forward to. In working with tPR and meeting these very high new regulatory thresholds we can reinforce confidence in this industry and continue to demystify pensions for employees so they can take charge of their long-term financial wellbeing. That makes this new regulatory regime absolutely the right thing to do and we’re pleased to work with tPR in the drive for higher industry standards.”

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About Creative Pension Trust

Creative Pension Trust is a leading UK workplace pension scheme chosen by over 15,000 employers to guarantee their auto enrolment compliance and provide their employees with a low-cost, consumer-friendly way to save for their retirement. The Master Trust provides employers of all sizes with an all-in-one solution, built from the ground up to provide employers all the tools they need in one place to comply with auto enrolment and support positive member outcomes whilst saving the, time, money and resource.

The Master Trust provides 2 solutions for employers of all sizes: a streamlined scheme designed for start-ups and micro employers seeking a low-cost, high-quality auto enrolment pension for their employees; and a sophisticated, consumer-friendly workplace pension scheme designed for SME and large national employers designed to complement employee benefits programmes with a range of value-added consultancy services such as member financial education and guidance.

Creative Pension Trust is sponsored by Creative Auto Enrolment, part of the Creative Group of Companies, which offer auto enrolment, employee benefits consulting, wealth management and workplace pensions.


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