Auto Enrolment

You may be meeting your Auto Enrolment obligations for the very first time or you may be coming round to your three yearly re-enrolment date.

Whichever it is, we can help make sure the workplace pension scheme you use to meet your obligations complies with the auto enrolment regulation and is the right fit for your company. As well as advising on auto enrolment strategy, we work with businesses on aspects such as controlling costs, compliance issues and member communications.

Reaching your three yearly re-enrolment date is a great time at which to look at how you are dealing with auto enrolment and to consider whether you chose the right solution, or what might be improved. Are the assessment and communication aspects of auto enrolment working as well as they should be? Is the pension solution you are using meeting all of your company’s particular requirements?

From our experience, we know that some businesses are not entirely happy with their existing auto enrolment processes or service suppliers. There can be underlying problems which may affect a business’ ability to continue to comply, such as issues with employee data or the interaction between payroll and pension plan. There can also be inefficiencies, which although not leaving the business open to non-compliance, could be costing the company money, e.g. in correcting errors and handling employee queries.

We can help address all of these matters, including consulting on all issues, rationalising existing pension plans, reviewing default investments and providing guidance or advice to the staff you have auto enrolled – something that you as an employer cannot do!

So whether you have yet to comply or are interested in finding an alternative to your current solution, please get in touch. Also, take a look at our Creative Auto Enrolment package to see how the range of solutions can help all employers.

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