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At Creative Employee Benefits we place great emphasis on client service standards. If you are a current client then I hope you have only ever had a good experience of working with us and we’ll continue to strive to create a great experience for you and every single one of our clients.

For us, this includes not only how we deal with requests received by phone and email, but also a well-thought out process of offering ongoing support and advice. This is not just in trying our best to shape our service to meet the requirements for our Corporate clients, but also from the point of view of providing your employees with all the help and assistance they need personally.
Most of our Corporate clients offer a broad range of Employee benefits. For most we recognise that the company pension scheme sits at the core of the Employee Benefit Plan and is the most common benefit pursued by firms seeking employee benefit assistance, especially since the start of Automatic Enrolment and the requirement for employers to provide such benefit for their staff.

Think about pensions for a second, though. Pensions are a vehicle through which individuals can save for their future. They enable each of us to, hopefully, enjoy retiring from work and spend our days doing whatever it is that makes us happy (for some of us, that might actually involve retaining some involvement with work!).

However, a pension, in and of itself, doesn’t immediately create that. The pension is the vehicle for savings to sit in, but to work properly, that vehicle needs to be pointed in the right direction. To labour a point… someone has to both know what direction to travel in and be willing to pilot the vehicle in that direction.

To a degree the same is true in respect of all the other employee benefits you may provide for your staff. If they don’t know they are there, or they do know of them but don’t know how they work, then the employee appreciation of what you provide is not being maximised, and they are unlikely to make all the right decisions associated to the financial planning needs of themselves and their families.

This gets to the core of what we believe constitutes great client service. Rather than just putting an employee benefit in place for your employees, we can help them to get the most out of it. In turn, this means that employees become more engaged with you their employer, attributing value and appreciation to the benefits provided and their continued employment with your firm. We aim to bring employee benefits to life, helping employees get involved and engaged with them and see the long term benefit of them, rather than ‘just’ contribute monthly.

This is why we set our client service standards so high. We think it’s more important than ever before that employees are aware of the employee benefits you provide for them, and that they are actively involved with them. This only happens if we provide you with a great service; continually liaising with you about market developments, new strategies and how we can help you to make sure employees make the most of the benefits you provide for them.

So, do your employees have ‘employee benefits’, or do they have ‘Creative Employee Benefits’? We’re certain that there’s a difference between the two!

If you want to develop the conversation about how we bring your benefit plan to life and provide a great service to you and your employees, then please contact your Creative consultant or contact us on

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