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It’s clear the TPR’s teeth continue to grow. They have upped the ante on their AE auditing processes and even their own rhetoric has a harder edge to it these days.

Over the last few months we have come across a number of horror stories where employers, through no fault of their own, have found that the Automatic Enrolment process they had been told to follow was incomplete and that they were at risk of breaching the Pension Regulator’s rules.

One employer, after setting things up at outset and regularly debiting employee pension contributions, told us everything was ‘fine’. However, an AE audit conducted by us on their behalf showed no on going assessments had been carried out since inception!

And we came across an example of an opt out recorded in payroll as 2004 – 4 years before the legislation was even passed!

Indeed, the number of fines being issued by the Regulator is increasing all the time (another 6,000 compliance notices issued in the 3 months to the end of December 2016, bringing the total for the year to 39,000) and I’m afraid we’re not surprised.

But the clients you place with us are in safe hands.

Using our Automatic Enrolment solution means employers just can’t end up in the unfortunate situation that seems to have affected so many employers to date.

Provided all our automatic online prompts are followed, we guarantee all your employers will be fully compliant with the regulator.

Meaning no admin headaches for you, no potential comeback a year down the line and happy clients for all of us.

And if you are dealing with multiple companies you don’t need the additional hassle of having to work with several different payroll and admin procedures.

Our message to you is clear: Recommend us to all your clients – don’t let them go to another provider which could cause you more problems in the long run.

Call us on 0345 606 0424 to hear how we can help.

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