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New tools for members launched!

In our 2021 Your Say Member Survey, two-thirds of Creative Pension Trust members told us they aren’t confident they’re saving enough for retirement.

But more than half said they’d use tools to:

  • Build a financial plan
  • Get a clear picture of what retirement would look like
  • Help them achieve their lifestyle goals for retirement

So we’ve listened and we’ve acted.

Claim old pension money from previous jobs

An employee’s savings in previous workplace pensions will stay there if they don’t do something about it

We can help employees:

  • Combine your old pensions
  • Get daily updates on how your pensions are performing
  • Make changes quickly and easily
  • Have less paperwork to manage
Find out more at our Help Centre

Build a personalised financial plan

Do your employees know much they’re paying into their pension, and if they can fund the lifestyle they want in retirement?

Our new planning tool lets them:

  • Project their income in retirement, based on pensions, savings, investments and other types of income
  • Consider options to help them towards their goals, such as increasing their contributions, retiring later or considering their income expectations
Find out more at our Help Centre

Pension Awareness Week

We’re proud supporters of Pension Awareness Day, which offers free guidance and help to pension savers

From September 12th-16th, your employees can view free, impartial sessions, covering topics such as:

  • How does a pension work?
  • Finding lost pensions
  • How is my pension invested?
Find out more

*New* Worksite promotion kit for employers

To help employees get back in touch with their workplace pension, here are some promotional tools you can use

Share with your employees or display the posters where employees can see them, so they can:

  • See how much they’ve saved
  • Reclaim old pension pots
  • Combine old pensions
  • Update their information
Download kit now

Let us know what you think

If you have any feedback on the new tools and the information that’s available, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please feel free to share your feedback with us below.

Knowledge Hub

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