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Martin Lewis is one of the UK’s most trusted financial experts, and when he speaks, consumers and policymakers alike take note.

In a recent episode of his ITV show, he answers many burning questions about pensions, and shares his tips on saving for retirement.

We wanted to share this with you, so you can start to reap the benefits of saving into a pension scheme as soon as possible.

You can watch The Martin Lewis Money Show free online or via the ITVX app.

‘Totally unbeatable’ – Martin Lewis explains how paying into your pension turns £80 into £160 – before investment returns!

Watch here

Martin also discusses the importance of tracing old pensions via the government tracing service at

Creative Pension Trust members can also use our Find Pensions service.

All you need to do is tell us where you worked and roughly when – and we’ll do all the investigating for you.

Find out more here.

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