• If you haven’t been auto enrolled but want to join your workplace pension, you may still be able to join
  • You will need to contact your employer to find out if you qualify
  • Depending on your age and earnings, you may receive additional contributions from your employer
You may need to speak to us about this
Applies to all our plans

How do I opt in?

If you have previously left your current employer’s workplace pension scheme or you have not been auto enrolled due to your age or level of earnings, you may still be able to opt in.

The government requires all UK employers to ensure their employees have access to a quality workplace pension. Additionally, qualifying employees must be auto enrolled when they join a new employer and, if they leave or opt out of their pension, they must be re-enrolled around every 3 years if they still qualify.

If you have not been auto enrolled or you have previously left your pension and wish to re-join, you should contact your employer’s payroll, benefits or HR department to find out if you can opt in. Here are a few important things to note:

  • You may be able to join and contribute into your employer’s workplace pension. However, your entitlement to additional contributions from your employer will depend on how much you earn and how old you are
  • If you opted out of auto enrolment previously or left your workplace pension, your employer will be legally required to re-enrol you from time to time. This is usually every 3 years after they first auto enrolled all their qualifying employees. If you want to re-join their scheme before this time, they may not be obliged to accept you into the scheme until their re-enrolment date.

In all cases, it is best to speak to your employer to understand your rights and any options you have.

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