What can employers can do to support employee wellbeing?

Ways to respond to these unprecedented times

Are your Group Risk and Healthcare insurers doing enough to help your workforce?

Employers have responded to the coronavirus pandemic by implementing new ways of working, communicating and doing business. Although we don’t yet know the long-term impacts of the pandemic, we do know it has brought the importance of employee wellbeing into the spotlight. Now, more than ever, employers need to ensure their talented workforces have everything at their fingertips to keep them healthy and productive.

So, while your organisation is busy adapting to workplace and economic change, what are your Group Risk and Healthcare insurance providers doing to adapt your employee care? Are the services you pay for still competitively priced and are they suitable for the new world of remote working and social distancing?

Enhancing employee wellbeing

Some recent examples

Enhancing employee care | Coffee manufacturer - 180 employees

Installed wide range of complementary employee wellbeing services at no cost to employer, including:

  • Unlimited Virtual GP appointments
  • Employee Mental Health Counselling service
  • Employee discount club (savings on groceries, entertainment, consumer tech)
  • Wills for every employee

Coffee manufacturer
180 employees

Reducing employer costs | Automotive manufacturer - 450 employees

Undertook rigorous market review and brokerage exercise, resulting in 55% reduction in annual Group Income Protection premiums without reducing coverage.

Automotive manufacturer
450 employees

Reducing employer costs | Marine - 20 employees

Undertook rigorous market review and brokerage exercise, resulting in 40% reduction in annual Group Life Assurance premiums without reducing coverage.

20 employees

Making improvements to your employee benefits programme can make a huge difference to employee wellbeing, particularly in the post-pandemic environment when many employees will be working from home. It needn’t be complicated or expensive – talk to Creative today to find out how.

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