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Part of the global group behind VELUX windows, DOVISTA UK’s mission is to ‘improve people’s lives by bringing daylight, fresh air and a better environment into their everyday lives’. Since the unprecedented lockdown to tackle COVID-19 in 2020, the value and importance of these 3 things has never been greater with so many people living and working in their homes. To support their mission, DOVISTA rely on the inspirational design skills of their employees and they place a high degree of importance on employee wellbeing and care.

service delivery

Company profile Outcomes
• Windows & Doors • Integrate Workplace Pensions
• 125 employees • Enhance employer and employee outcomes
• 5 locations • COVID-19-safe delivery of services
• Minimal disruption to organisation and staff

The challenge

In DOVISTA’s own words, ‘the most beautiful results come from tailored solutions and a great working relationship’. We couldn’t agree more. In March 2020 we were able to help them achieve their goals of merging their 2 company pension schemes, getting cost-effective consultancy and placing an enhanced focus on their employees’ financial wellbeing.

Here’s how we made it happen together without making a drama out of the COVID-19 crisis.

The project

The tailored solution

Creative draws together the disciplines of a financial product provider, employee benefits consultancy and Chartered Financial Planner into a single, flexible and integrated approach. It’s because we sit at the intersection of these professional disciplines that we can offer financial solutions that work for organisations of all kinds, providing the value of a direct-to-provider relationship with personalised consultancy and support for our customers and their employees.

Our team set about tailoring a solution that enabled the following outcomes using our leading multi-employer Workplace Pension, Creative Pension Trust, which is trusted by over 15,000 employers nationwide:

  • Reduced employer consultancy charges by 10% per annum
  • Streamlined administration and employer overheads
  • Significantly reduced member pension charges
  • Inclusive, face-to-face member financial education
  • Personal investment guidance for all members

In ordinary times, our dedicated onboarding team provide member services face-to-face with onsite presentations and one-to-ones across multiple locations, ensuring no employee gets left behind when it comes to their long-term financial wellbeing. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread across Europe, it became clear our plans would need to change.

The great working relationship

In the week preceding the lockdown, DOVISTA and Creative acted to protect their employees by implementing their business continuity plans, asking employees to work from home. Our customer service delivery has remained wholly uncompromised, and our commitment to DOVISTA was no exception.

Thanks to the great working relationship with DOVISTA colleagues, including Sara Goggin, their HR advisor, our onboarding team took just under 3 days to redesign and re-plan the delivery of all of the vital member communication, education and engagement services into a COVID-19-safe solution:

  • 10 online, interactive group presentations using Skype for staff seeking financial guidance
  • 18 individual consultations for those unable to make a group presentation
  • Personalised investment guidance and fund selection
  • Digital distribution of Member Welcome Packs and materials
  • Employee support to ensure members had no issues completing or returning key forms
  • Weekly coordination calls with Sara to ensure all members were accounted for, had everything they needed and had all their questions answered

The results

Thanks to an agile response, a great working partnership and clear lines of communication, DOVISTA were able to achieve their objectives unhindered by the COVID-19 crisis and with minimal disruption to their HR team. Creative hosted 10 group Skype presentations, engaging 105 employees who had requested financial guidance based in 5 locations, and a series of one-to-one virtual appointments that enabled employees to discuss their own financial circumstances personally and in more detail. The onboarding of all employees was concluded in 3 weeks.

But don’t just take our word for it:

The process delivered by Creative to upgrade our group pension arrangement delivered a great result for our business and our employees. The entire communication exercise was delivered by Skype and it just worked so easily. We were easily able to present to all employees in particular making it easy for our remote workers to be able to join the presentations being delivered.

Liz Hancock, HR Director (DOVISTA UK)

Making improvements to your employee benefits programme can make a huge difference to employee wellbeing, particularly in the post-pandemic environment that demands many employers adapt to hybrid and flexible working. It needn’t be complicated or expensive – talk to Creative today to find out how.

service delivery

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