Creative Auto Enrolment Pension keeps pricing simple with a single, flat fee for employers and a fair, low cost deal for employees.

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A breakdown of our charges

To pay for the professional expertise, auto enrolment management, governance and ongoing support needed to manage this scheme, we collect the following standard charges.


Joining our Creative Auto Enrolment Pension plan is free and there are no setup costs. We charge a low, flat fee of just £23.00 per month to provide you with a full auto enrolment management service.There is no employer charge for your ongoing participation in Creative Pension Trust.

Just so you know, we offer an extended range of services and support for employers who have missed their duties start date and where specialist support may be needed, such as data cleansing and reconciliation, or failure to comply. If you think this may affect you, please contact us and our experts will work with you to establish a tailored support plan with a transparent approach to pricing.


Our low member fee structure consists of an Investment Charge (also known as Annual Management Charge) and a flat monthly Membership Fee, which are deducted from members’ pension pots directly. For members taking advantage of our pre-selected Default Investment Strategy, which is automatically selected unless members choose a different investment fund, these are shown in the following diagram:

For members selecting investment options to cater for other specific needs, our Investment Charges may be higher.


The government imposes a maximum charge that workplace pension providers can levy for employees that are auto enrolled into a default investment. Our membership charges are lower than this cap and we aim to always provide value for money, fairness, and transparency. The following additional caps also apply to small savings accounts and contributions with us, and pension transfers into Creative Pension Trust:

  • For members with savings of under £102, no monthly membership fee is charged
  • There are no fees charged for members combining old pension pots into Creative Pension Trust if they have opted to remain in our default investment strategy.

Plan features and benefits:

How it works for employees