Ensure your company pension is compliant and valued by employees

Our Workplace Pension Services offer you complete confidence in the quality and compliance of your company pension scheme arrangements. Now that every UK employer must provide an employee Workplace Pension Scheme, regulators now expect employers to comply with new laws and ensure their schemes remain suitable and well managed.

The best Workplace Pension Services enable you to outsource your requirements for technical and specialist know-how. In doing so, you can be sure you are obtaining the very best service from your pension provider, the best value terms, and provide you with the scheme governance that ensures you are able to offer employees the most secure way to save for their retirement.
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Why outsourcing your Workplace Pension Services makes sense

Compulsory requirements for pensions are increasingly broad and complex, requiring specialist knowledge and absorbing increasing amounts of productive time. These include:
  • Auto enrolment – ensuring that auto enrolment legal requirements are met, and processes are robust
  • Default Investment Fund – as all schemes must offer a default investment for members who don’t want to make any investment decisions, the scheme’s default fund must be monitored and reviewed
  • Salary Sacrifice – establishing and managing a Salary Sacrifice (also known as Salary Exchange) Scheme to reduce the cost of contributions and boost employee savings
  • Scheme Governance – managing and monitoring workplace pension schemes such as Group Personal Pensions to ensure they provide value, service and suitability to members
  • Trustee Requirements – Trustee duties for traditional Occupational Pension Schemes are monitored by the Pensions Regulator and training requirements have increased
To ensure the protection of scheme members, pension legislation will likely continue to increase the burden of Workplace Pension Scheme management on employers. This means increased management time needed to oversee your pension, enhanced technical knowledge and expertise, and stringent legal requirements.
Choosing an experienced pension consultant to undertake pension consulting on your behalf can bring these specialist needs under one roof. In doing so, you can save time, money, and secure your company from regulatory action.

How the right support can make your company pension a true asset

Creative has a distinguished track record in pension consulting and we offer a mix of unique experience and skills few other consultancies can match. After all, we aren’t just an Employee Benefits Consultant. Nor are we just a Chartered Financial Planner. We are also a Workplace Pension Provider, having designed our own Creative Pension Trust to offer employers with a scheme designed with modern day needs in mind.
Your Workplace Pension is one of the most impactful employee benefits you can offer your workforce. We can ensure your employees:
  • Have the best, most effective and secure way to save for their long-term financial wellbeing
  • Understand the value of your workplace pension, and your contributions toward their pension pots
  • Engage and feel comfortable with pensions with our Employee Financial Wellbeing and Member Education services
  • Help them retire on their own terms, by ensuring they’ve invested appropriately and taken the right guidance or financial advice
As one of costliest benefits you’ll likely provide to your employees, we’ll ensure your workplace pension enables:
  • Better succession planning: with governance services and member guidance designed to help people plan their retirement and put you in control of your employee succession
  • Total compliance: covering Auto Enrolment, scheme management and decision making, legal and trustee responsibilities and day-to-day duties
  • Better integration: with employee benefits such as Death in Service, which can impact on employees’ financial and tax positions if not managed carefully in consideration of one another
  • Member services that employees truly value: from member guidance and financial education to full, one-to-one, Chartered Financial Planning delivered by Creative consultants and financial advisers

Let Creative’s Workplace Pension Services make your Company Pension work harder – for everyone

Creative can offer you everything you need to meet your legislative duties and to make the management of your Workplace Pension more than a tick box exercise. We have the specialist and technical expertise in-house to transform your scheme into the cornerstone of long-term employee financial wellbeing.
When it comes to pensions, we know what great looks like. Let us show you. Talk to Creative today.

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