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There is real scope to offer your employees a range of imaginative and creative benefits. This will not only set you apart from other employers but is also proven to help with employee motivation and engagement.

So whether you are interested in a Flex arrangement or you want to provide childcare vouchers, or you’d like to consider a Wellness programme, we can help.

Flex Arrangements

Flexible benefits offer your employees the opportunity to make changes to their own benefits within an overall budget. This self service approach does mean reduced administration but there are issues to consider over how much choice to provide and which benefits you should allow to be flexed.

We can provide advice on these, and the platform to host arrangements on, so you can be confident your scheme meets your business’s objectives as well as offering a worthwhile employee benefit.

Discounted Shopping Service

One of the key parts of running a successful business is continuously improving productivity through employee engagement – and offering savings on daily shopping trips has been shown to be one of the top five ways to keep employees happy at work. There are many such options in this developing market, all providing your employees with exactly that – access to a wide range of savings and deals from leading brands and local retailers where they can save money on shopping, restaurants, holidays, days out and much more – but all with different costs for employers and levels of discounts for employees.

Our consultancy is designed to make the selection of such provider as easy as it can be for you.

Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Program can play a significant role in supporting your business and the productivity of your workforce. It delivers valuable support, information and assistance to employees on a wide range of issues that may affect them and their families, and as a consequence their productivity and/or resulting absence for you as a business. Such programs are recognised by government as being an important workplace Wellbeing initiative.

A number of Group Protection and Healthcare plans now have an Employee Assistance Program included within them, but if this is missing from your employee benefit program then our consultancy can ensure you provide your employees with access to 24 hour, 365 days a year support, practical information, resources and counselling on a range of topics, via telephone and web content, ensuring peace of mind and increased productivity for you.

Employee Benefits Platform

Hosting all your employee benefits through an employee portal provides individuals with a one stop shop for all information and access associated to the plans available to them, in effect ensuring greater education, engagement and empowerment of your employees.

Such platforms can provide access to additional employee benefits, such as total reward statements and other discounted solutions, and can be very cost-effective to set up. Such solutions have been shown to reduce staff turnover, improve employee engagement, increase productivity and job satisfaction, and incentivise staff, fitting perfectly with the Creative ethos.

So help yourself stand out from the crowd by thinking beyond the traditional benefits package to what will really make a difference to your employees.

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