Bringing your pension pots together

Rather than administering and keeping track of multiple pension pots from previous jobs, you can combine them into Creative Pension Trust easily online using your Member Portal. This can make it easier for you to understand whether you will have enough money to retire and to take action if you are not on track. 
By providing you a single, combined view of your total retirement savings and how they are growing, and reduce the amount of paperwork you receive, you can take greater control over your long-term financial wellbeing and be clear about any changes you might need to make to ensure you can be comfortable when you retire.

Why combine your old pensions?

Most of us end up with multiple pension pots from previous jobs. Whilst some kinds of pension, like final salary schemes, are best left where they are, other pensions may not offer you the greatest value or benefits.
Older pensions can often have high charges and may not be invested effectively or appropriately for you. Unless you are very active in managing them and taking the right decisions for each of them, they may not be performing as well as they could be.
If you choose to combine your pensions into Creative Pension Trust, you may find it easier to understand the overall picture when it comes to your financial wellbeing and any plans you have for life after work. You will be able to see all of your retirement savings in one place on your Member Portal, get regular statements that cover all of your pension savings, and administer everything in one place.

What are the alternatives?

Keeping older pensions where they are can be effective, but you will need to take more time to look after and monitor each pension pot you have.
If you have lost touch with an old pension provider, the government’s website provides a tracing facility that can help put you back in touch with previous providers. You can access it here.
You should take time to review or update the following things:
  • Investment performance
  • Your Investment choices
  • Member charges
  • Your contact details
One of the most common reasons people lose touch with their old pension pots is that they forget to change their contact details with their previous pension providers when they move homes, change email addresses or telephone numbers. This makes it difficult for providers to keep you up to date. We recommend you always keep your information up to date with all previous providers so you don’t risk losing touch with your money.

Easily combine your pensions into Creative Pension Trust

If you decide it’s more effective for you to combine your pensions into Creative Pension Trust, it’s easy to get started.
Using your Member Portal, you can follow a quick and simple online process to start a pension transfer and our administrators will take care of the rest for you. All we need is the:
  • name of the pension provider
  • scheme name (which likely includes the name of your old employer)
  • account number you were given (which is often at the top of your pension statement)
  • approximate transfer value (you may want to check your last statement)
With all your retirement funds in one place, it
can make it significantly easier for you to really get to grips with your retirement planning. You will benefit from our modern scheme with its low charges and your money will be managed carefully according to your wishes.

Important information about transferring pensions

  • As with all investments, the value of your investment may go down as well as up, and you may not get back what you initially invested
  • You may incur a charge or penalty for transferring out of a pension product. Please contact your pension provider before transferring
  • You need to make sure you are making an informed decision which may mean you decide to take professional financial advice before transferring

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