Unlike many older pension schemes Creative Pension Trust is very flexible.

This means you have control over how and when you use your retirement savings – you’ll just need to let us know when you have made your decision.

Retiring with Creative

Saving with Creative Pension Trust means you are in charge of what happens when you decide to retire. As it becomes time to make these decisions, keep in mind:

  • The earliest that you can access your pension is your 55th birthday.
  • We work on the assumption that your retirement age is 65. You’ll need to let us know if that is not the case.
  • From age 50, we will send you retirement information packages every five years to help you make your choices.
You may need to speak to us about this
Applies to all our plans

What are your options?

To help you better understand your options when it comes to retirement, take a look at this video, which provides some basic guidance:

When to start thinking about life after work

The earliest you can access your pension savings is when you reach your 55th birthday, an age set by the government. Unless you have previously selected a preferred retirement date, we will assume your retirement age is 65. If this isn’t right for you, you can tell us your preferred retirement date using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal and you won’t have to take your pension benefits until you are ready.

Once you approach your retirement date, we will automatically send you a personalised retirement options pack. We will also begin sending you information from age 50 and every 5 years thereafter so you have plenty of time to think about your retirement.

You can download a copy of our detailed Retirement Guide from the Creative Pension trust Member Portal. You can also request your Retirement Pack any time after your 55th birthday.

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