Ready to login to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal?

Logging into the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal is easy:

  • First, head to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal login page
  • Once there, you’ll need your Username and password – not forgetting that these details are case-sensitive
  • Simply enter your details and click Login. From there, you’ll have access to all of the tools that come with being a Creative Pension Trust member
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A step-by-step guide to logging in:

To be certain that you have everything you need to successfully log into the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal, you can use the following instructions:

Need to learn a little more?

If you’re logging into the member portal for the first time, or just haven’t done so in a while, here are some tips for logging in:

Getting your account set up

When you join us, we’ll email you a username and a password separately to the address we were provided. We’ll do this after we’ve collected your first contribution, so it will depend on how often you are paid by your employer.

Keep your eyes peeled for your setup emails. If you don’t think you’ve received them, check your junk mail first. If you can’t find them or you’ve forgotten your username or password, you can reset them from the login page. If you’re still having problems, don’t worry – just call us on 0151 448 5551 and we’ll help get you up and running.

Important tip: We communicate with our members by email, so it’s important you provide us with a personal email address (rather than one issued by your employer) so we can continue to reach you in future.


If this is your first time logging in, your username will be enclosed in a letter or email that you have received from us.

Alternatively, your username will likely be a frequently used email address or a username that you have chosen. When changing your username from the one provided, try choosing something easy to remember.

Forgotten your username? You may need to reset your details. You can do this by “Forgotten login details” on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal login page.


Passwords for the member portal are case sensitive. If you are certain that the password is correct, check to make sure you don’t have caps lock turned on.

If you can’t remember your password, you may need to reset your details. You can do this by clicking “Forgotten login details” on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal login page.

Additional help

If you find that you need more help with logging in, try using our handy step-by-step guide above. Should you still have difficulty, you may need to get in touch.

More on what you can do in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal:

  • Updating your contact information – To keep us connected and ensure we can reach you, be sure to check your home address, telephone number and personal email address are up to date
  • Seeing your pension savings balance – We provide daily updates on the value of your pension savings, which you can log in to view anytime
  • Nominating your beneficiaries – Look after loved ones by telling us who you’d like to benefit from your savings if you die before taking them
  • Tracking, tracing and combining your old pensions – Make it easier to manage your savings and get a better grasp of your future plans using our online transfer process
  • Changing Investments – If you want to change how we invest your money, you can easily make a new selection online
  • Telling us your planned retirement age – Help us help you. If you don’t want to retire at 65, you can let us know so we can take this into account with your statements and how we invest your savings
  • Generating a statement – You don’t need to wait for an annual statement – you can produce one instantly at any time
  • Building a personalised financial plan – See how you’re progressing towards the retirement you want and put the plans in place to make it happen
  • Getting a retirement pack – If you’re over 55, you can access the retirement area and generate a retirement pack, which provides all the options for drawing your pension

Want to see what other resources are available within the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal?

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