Because everybody’s approach to managing their money is different, Creative Pension Trust is designed to manage investment decisions for you automatically and provide a range of different investments if you want to make those decisions for yourself.

How changing investments might work for you

Different investment options can work best for different people and different circumstances. You may find that simply using the Creative Pension Trust Default Investment Strategy works best for you. This might be the case if you don’t want to take on responsibility for making your own investment decisions.

However, if you have more detailed requirements, specific retirement plans, or want to be more involved, an alternative investment choice may be more suitable in the run up to, and planning for, your retirement.

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Things to consider

For each individual’s needs and desires for retirement, there may be an investment strategy that suits them better than others. Some of the questions you may want to consider when reviewing your investments in advance of retirement are:

  • Are you within 5 years of retirement?
  • Will you be retiring at 65 or at a different point?
  • Do you want to set up a guaranteed income for retirement?
  • Will you be looking to take your full pension at once?
  • Do you want your pension to grow or remain stable?

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you better determine what kind of investing is right for you.

Understanding how your pension is invested

From understanding how your money is currently invested to knowing what some of your other options may be, it’s important to get a clear view of how your investments are performing and what you want out of them in the future. Here are a few steps forfinding out how your pension is invested today and what your choices are.

Finding out how your money is money is invested

To find out how your pension savings are invested, log in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal  and head to the ‘Manage Investment’ page.

If your investment option is ‘lifestyling’, this means we are managing your investments for you. Your savings will be invested in our ‘Default Investment Strategy’, which means we will manage your account so it has the best opportunity to grow. Then, as you get nearer to your retirement age we will begin swapping your investments so the balance in your account becomes more stable and less likely to fluctuate. This way, you have a greater certainty of what money you will have to live on in retirement.

If your investment option is ‘freestyling’, this means you have chosen your own investments from our range of investment funds and we will not make any decisions on your behalf.

Changing how your money is invested

You can change how your pension savings are invested using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal– just head for the ‘Manage Investment’ page. Remember, depending on how you invest your pension savings, the value of your savings can fall as well as rise and different types of investment have varying levels of risk and potential to provide gains.

What investments might support your chosen retirement options?

As you get nearer to your intended retirement age, it’s likely you will want to review your current circumstances and choices so you can plan effectively. Depending on your plans, it may be appropriate to alter how your pension is invested.

If you are around 5 years away from your chosen retirement age, you may want to consider the information in your plan’s Retirement Guide, which offers examples of investment funds that may be appropriate to support the retirement option you are most likely to choose.

You can find fund factsheets for each in the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal. Before you make any financial decisions, we would recommend you consider financial guidance or financial advice.

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