Let’s face it, a lot can change over the course of your career. So, it’s good to know there is a team of people working tirelessly to look after your money.

By choosing Creative Pension Trust, your employer is making an investment in your financial wellbeing. When you’re with us, you have a safe and secure way to save for the future.

How do we keep your money safe?

We make sure that we keep the ‘trust’ in Creative Pension Trust by ensuring that your money is protected. We do this by:

  • Keeping your contributions in a Trust for your sole benefit, which means that it is legally protected.
  • Oversight from our Board of Trustees to ensure that the pension scheme is run in the best interest of our members
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Need more information?

At Creative Pension Trust, we ensure that your money is safe by holding your pension in a Trust.

A Trust is a legal arrangement that is held in your name and for your benefit alone. This means that your money is legally protected in the case that anything should happen to your employer or even to Creative, the sponsor of this scheme. Establishing your pension as a trust prevents anything from happening to your savings.

This Trust is then overseen by our Board of Trustees. The Board is tasked with making sure that Creative Pension Trust is run with your best interests in mind. They focus on ensuring that we provide good value and fairness for all of our members.

The Board of Trustees has the power to challenge any aspect of running the scheme if they believe things could be improved on behalf of our members. This means holding professional decisions to account, safeguarding the best interests of members for the long term so they have a truly secure way to save for tomorrow.

Meet the Board of Trustees

Our Trustees are independent of Creative, the Scheme Sponsor, and have been appointed to run Creative Pension Trust in accordance with stringent pension regulations. Together, they have been selected for their breadth and depth of experience, professional backgrounds and specialist experience within the workplace pensions sector.

Additionally, our Board of Trustees is independently advised by an external investment adviser and strategist, who scrutinises and monitors the investment performance and financial security of our investment partners – the institutions who invest your savings for long term growth. Their role is to provide technical research and guidance to our Board of Trustees who in turn render appropriate decisions to alter underlying investments, providers and the range of funds available to our members.

Each member of the Board of Trustees takes great care and attention to ensure that your money is held safely and that the Trust acts in accordance with what best benefits our members.

Roger Mattingly

Trustee & Chair of the Trustees Creative Pension Trust

Charles Goddard

Trustee (PAN Governance) Creative Pension Trust

Robert Branagh

Trustee (Independent) Creative Pension Trust

Rachel Brougham

Trustee Executive of BESTrustees Limited

Authorisation and Quality Standards

Authorisation and Regulation

Creative Pension Trust is authorised and regulated by the Pensions Regulator (tPR). In 2019, tPR introduced rigorous new standards applicable to all UK multi-employer schemes, known as Master Trust pension schemes. As an authorised Master Trust, Creative Pension Trust meets or exceeds these quality standards and works closely with regulators to ensure transparent, fair and professional management of the scheme for the benefit of all its participating employers and members.

Voluntary Accreditation

Creative Pension Trust is accredited by the Master Trust Assurance Framework (MAF), which was developed by the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) and the Pensions Regulator. This voluntary accreditation provides further independent review of our Master Trust against additional, industry wide quality standards. You can visit our website for further information, including annual reports, reviews, our accreditations and further details about the Trust.

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