To pay for the management and expertise we need to manage your account, we charge a small regular fee which is collected from your account each month.

This means there’s nothing extra to pay and everything happens automatically.

An overview of our fees

Our fee is made up of two charges: an investment charge and a membership fee.

  • Investment charge – The investment charge, also known as an Annual Management Charge or ‘AMC’ is a small percentage charge which depends on the investment choice you have made
  • Membership fee – The membership fee is a flat fee which remains constant during your active membership (when you and your employer are paying in). This fee reduces if you cease to be an active member (if you stop paying in)
You may need to speak to us about this
Applies to all our plans

See a breakdown of fees for your plan

To see a breakdown of the fees that apply to your plan, you can check your copy of the Member Guide on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

You can also find this information on the Pension Details page on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal, where you can see details of your investments and the investment charge that applies to each. You can find this in the Contribution Investment Allocation section.

Please remember that, if you have selected your own investments, your investment charge may be higher than our standard fees. You can find a full breakdown of investment charges for all investment choices in your copy of the Investment Choices Guide on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

How regular fees are capped

The government imposes a maximum charge that workplace pension providers can levy for employees that are auto enrolled into a default investment. Our membership charges are lower than this cap and we aim to always provide value for money, fairness, and transparency. The following additional caps also apply to small savings accounts and contributions with us, and pension transfers into Creative Pension Trust:

  • For members with savings of under £102, no monthly membership fee is charged
  • There are no fees charged for members combining old pension pots into Creative Pension Trust if they have opted to remain in our default investment strategy

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