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Creative Pension Trust is a workplace pension scheme designed for employers of all sizes. We are a multi-employer Master Trust pension with options uniquely designed for both new employers and for established SMEs and large employers.

Whether you’re a startup seeking an auto enrolment pension to meet your duties or a national employer seeking better outcomes for your members whilst reducing the time and cost burden of running your company pension, you’ve come to the right place.

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About us

Creative Pension Trust is a modern, multi-employer Master Trust scheme. As a leading workplace pension provider, we offer employers with a low-cost, high-quality way to offer a company pension to their employees, whether they are a new business, micro employer, SME or large national organisation.

For Members

Whether you’re a new Creative Pension Trust member, a long-term saver or you have recently been re-enrolled by your employer, we’re here to help you make tomorrow something to look forward to. Using your employer’s chosen workplace pension to save for the future is one of the best ways to ensure you can have the lifestyle you want when you’re ready to stop working.

For Employers

If you thought a Master Trust Pension was only for auto enrolment duties, it’s time to think again. Creative Pension Trust is more than a modern, auto enrolment-compliant master trust pension – it’s the all-inclusive workplace pension solution designed to flex to the needs of all employers, however simple or complex.

Why employers choose Creative Pension Trust

When it comes to managing your workplace pension scheme, the list of employer duties and the cost of meeting them only ever increases. Creative Pension Trust is designed by financial experts and employee benefits consultants to scale to the needs of all employers, providing an optimal way to care for the financial wellbeing of their employees.
Unlike many other one-size-fits-all Master Trusts, this means we can put everything needed to stay compliant and meet your requirements at your fingertips without the expense of costly extras. And, if you have additional priorities and goals for your employee benefits programme, we offer a range of extra value-added consultancy services to ensure you achieve them.
With Creative Pension Trust, you get an all-inclusive service that lets you escape the confines, complexities and complications of a traditional pension scheme. Let us show you how we can achieve superior outcomes for you, your organisation and your employees without the significant expense of consultants and advisers.

How Creative Pension Trust benefits members

When your employer selects Creative Pension Trust as their chosen workplace pension, they’re making an investment in your financial wellbeing. When you’re with us, you have a safe and easy way to save for the future with the added financial support of your employer. We provide:
  • A super low-cost way to save for your retirement
  • A high-quality workplace pension that’s easy to get to grips with
  • Secure, online access to view and manage your savings
  • A simple online process to combine your old pensions
  • Investments managed by global specialists on your behalf (or choose your own)
  • Safety and peace of mind provided by our Board of Trustees
As a nationally recognised, multi-employer pension, we are trusted by over 15,000 employers to help their people save money for the future and make their retirement something to look forward to. You can find out more about saving with Creative Pension Trust in the Members’ section and in your account, which you can access through the Member Portal.


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In the words of our members…

Made me realise how important it is to get things arranged.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I realised the necessity of sorting my pension out and decoding how I am going to do this.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Really informative.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It made me feel more aware of what I am doing rather than just relying on someone doing it for me.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Presentation was very thorough and outlined all the options available.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

I didn't really fully understand pensions and how they worked prior to this and now I feel assured and confident to make a decision to save for my future.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

Extremely useful presentation. The Creative representative explained the scheme in terms understandable by everyone.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It has helped me to feel in control of my pension.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member

It helped explain our options very simply so much easier to understand rather than the usual jargon.

Employee and Pension Scheme Member