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Should I take a phased approach to retirement?

For many retirement was once a landmark moment – a single day where your working commitments finally come to an end.

But many are choosing a more gradual approach instead, reducing their hours over a period of time to slowly transition into retirement.

So could this approach be right for you?

What a phased retirement looks like

A phased retirement can take many forms, such as:


  • Taking a part-time job
  • Reducing your hours at your existing job
  • Taking on seasonal work
  • Freelancing for clients
  • Becoming a consultant
  • Taking a lower paid role in a field you care deeply about


In short, you’re still active and earning money, but not necessarily working full-time hours.

Could a phased retirement be right for me?

A phased retirement can offer many lifestyle and financial benefits. For example:

You can continue boosting your retirement fund without having to work full-time

It lets you dip your toe in the water to see if retirement suits you, before you leave work completely

You enjoy your work and want to keep doing it

You can keep being useful and enjoy a continued sense of purpose

You can boost your physical and mental health

Staying in the workforce helps you build and maintain your social circles

You have health issues that make working full-time difficult or unappealing

A phased approach to retirement can also be good for your business or employer, as it lets you work alongside your successor for a set period. That can in turn ensure a smooth transition, so your replacement can hit the ground running.

Enjoy a phased retirement with Creative Pension Trust

If you want to gradually transition into retirement, we can help you.

You can access your Creative Pension Trust account in a range of ways after you turn 55. For example:

  • Access your money flexibly and top up your income when needed, which may be helpful if you start working part-time
  • Secure a lifetime income or leave it to grow while you carry on working, so you aren’t taxed on unnecessary income until you need it

Find out more in our Retirement Choices Guide.

Head to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal to get started.

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