If you’re comfortable making your own investment choices, you can select from our ‘Self-Select’ range of investment funds.

You can choose your own investments using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal

What Self-Select Investment Choices Are There?

Rather than overwhelming you with thousands of unclear investment choices that lack a clear purpose or require detailed analysis, Creative Pension Trust offers flexibility and choice through a range of high quality, member-friendly investments.

If you prefer to make your own investment choices or you have particular requirements that you want to ensure are taken into account, you can easily choose your own investment funds and change them at any time using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

We offer investments in different types of assets – like bonds, equities and cash – as well as investments focused in different areas of the world – like the UK or US, for example. We also offer a Shariah-compliant investment fund.

For full information, please log in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal and read your Investment Choices Guide.

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Want to know how we invest your money when you pay in? Watch this video to learn more about our Default Investment Strategy, which we will use to invest your money unless you decide to make your own choice of investment fund:

What self-select investment choices are there?

Choosing your own investments is known as ‘freestyling’, which means making decisions about how your money is invested without intervention from us. This might be because you would prefer to invest based on your individual interests.

Depending on your interests and financial experience, you may be more comfortable taking an active role in managing the way your pension is invested. To provide flexibility for members that may want to create their own investment portfolios, Creative Pension Trust provides a range of specialist investment funds to choose from. These can be chosen and mixed in any proportion according to your needs.

May be suitable for members with specific investment knowledge or interests.

Why choose your own investments?

Members who select their own investments normally have a broader range of financial experience or they may receive investment advice or guidance from a financial adviser or other government-backed service. You can find out more about where to get advice and guidance here.

There are a number of reasons and goals that selecting your own investments may support, such as:

  • Supporting certain financial needs or goals – You may be recommended specific investment funds or types of asset to invest in if you have received financial advice. This may be to support specific financial planning requirements or linked to your attitude to risk
  • Your own research – You may be familiar with investing and wish to choose certain investments because you believe they will outperform other alternatives based on research and economic data

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