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Helping you get the most from your Annual Benefit Statement

Here’s an essential guide to accessing your Annual Benefit Statement, understanding it, and help towards planning the lifestyle you want when you decide to stop working.

1Log in and download your statement

You can access the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal to download your Annual Benefit Statement. You can also see how your pension is doing, make changes to your account, update your details, and find out more about your plan with us.

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2Understanding your annual benefit statement

You can use your Annual Benefit Statement to see how much you have saved, what you and your employer are paying in, and forecast what your pension value could be when you retire.

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What should I do now?

Get your pensions in one place

Now you can do something useful with pension pots from your previous jobs. We’ll help you trace old pensions, get their current values, and transfer them to your account – it’s easy to do from the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

What should I do next?

Build your plan

Now you can build a personalised plan so you know whether you’re on track for the future you want. And if you’re not, we’ll show you what actions you can take today to get back on track.

Problems logging in?

Find out how to access the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

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How do I find my username?

You’ll receive your username by email after you join us and make your first contribution. If you can’t find your username, you can retrieve it through the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal log-in page.

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How do I reset my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, it can be reset from the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal log-in page. You just need your current username and to be able to answer one of your security questions.

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How do I unlock my account?

For security reasons, your account will be locked if you make five unsuccessful attempts to log in. You can contact us to request that your account is unlocked.

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Common questions from our members

If you’re looking for help to get things done with your account, you’ll likely find answers using the Member Help Centre. Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from members when they receive their statements:

How do I increase my contributions?

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How do I change my investments?

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How do I change my retirement age?

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Where to get financial guidance and advice when you need it?

You have access to a great range of services and support to help you make the choices that are best for you.

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Be ScamSmart - Don’t fall foul to pension scams and fraud.

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Add us to your device

You can keep a track of your pension at any time by adding a shortcut to your home screen.

Knowledge Hub

For our latest articles and news, visit the Creative Pension Trust Knowledge Hub.