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Keeping our customers and colleagues safe

We want to do all we can to safeguard our staff and visitors whilst continuing our operations as normal.

Our offices are open and we’ve taken time to make adaptations throughout our office space to make our environment as safe as possible for our people and anyone visiting us.

If you’re paying a visit to Creative

If you have planned an appointment and are visiting us, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the arrangements we’ve made to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you:

  • Your appointment will be agreed with the Creative representative you are meeting
  • We will contact you 24 hours prior to your appointment to confirm that you do not have any COVID-19 symptoms and that you are, to the best of your knowledge, in good health
  • If the status of your health changes at any time before your appointment at our offices, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible
  • To ensure we can effectively track and trace any individuals if it become necessary, you will be asked to sign in and out on arrival and departure. We’ll ask you for your contact details and confirmation of any Creative colleagues you will be meeting. Your data is held securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations. It will automatically be removed after a retention period of 21 days
  • We will ask you to scan in using the NHS Track and Trace app by scanning a QR code at our reception desk
  • Your appointment will take place in a meeting room with sufficient capacity, space, and ventilation
  • It will not be possible to move around other areas of our offices during your visit. This is to ensure the safety of our staff
  • If you arrive early, we’ll ask you to wait in our reception area to allow sufficient time for meeting rooms to be cleaned before your appointment. If the room is already free, you’ll be shown in by a Creative representative
  • All meeting rooms are cleaned before and after any appointments or meetings, including surfaces and touchpoints like door handles, seats and any adjustable parts and so on
  • If the status of your health changes at any time after your appointment at our offices, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible so we can track and trace any employees that you have been in close contact with
  • In the event that any Creative representative falls ill and we have reason to believe you have been in close contact with them, you will be contacted by us as soon as possible

Other ways to meet your Creative representative

If you need to speak to a representative or adviser but you are shielding or prefer not to meet in person, we will be delighted to do whatever it takes to ensure your comfort. You can arrange to meet with us by:

  • Telephone
  • Web-based video chat, including Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams
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