Group Income Protection policies

COVID-19 and Group Income Protection

A confirmed COVID-19 diagnosis will be considered under a Group Income Protection policy. However, for a claim to be valid, it must meet the terms of the policy, which includes the member meeting the definition of incapacity and having been unable to work due to illness or injury for the whole of the deferred period, which is normally 13, 26 or 52 weeks

Additional information:

  • As COVID-19 is not expected to be an extended illness in the vast majority of cases it is unlikely many people will be able ‘fulfil’ this deferred period
  • Furloughed employees, those temporarily working reduced hours or those temporarily on a reduced salary, will continue to be covered for their full benefit entitlement providing their contract of employment is maintained and policy premiums are paid on this basis
  • With all such policies, as the term ‘furloughed’ means ‘to take a leave of temporary absence’, members will still be covered in line with the temporary absence definition of ‘any other reason’, meaning that cover remains in place for up to 3 years