You’ve recently joined Creative Pension Trust. So, why save with us?

The benefits of saving with us:

  • Greater financial security – Saving with Creative Pension Trust enables you to have better financial security by helping you ensure that you have more money for retirement.
  • Extra top ups from your employer – Utilising your workplace pension means that your employer is required to match at least some of your contributions, so you get extra money each time you pay in.
  • Tax relief – When you save into Creative Pension Trust, you automatically receive the tax back, which means that your take home pay doesn’t decrease by as much as you contribute.
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Get to know more about your pension and saving with Creative Pension Trust through this introductory video:

More about what you get from saving with Creative Pension Trust

Currently, the full state pension provides a retirement life below the official poverty line in the UK. To help overcome that, saving into a pension fund like Creative Pension Trust can make a world of difference. By saving regularly, you are investing in your future and earning yourself a more comfortable retirement.

When you take advantage of a workplace pension in particular, you are able to put away an even greater amount thanks to employer contributions. Employers are legally required to match a certain amount of contribution for each employee, though the actual percentage of contribution varies by organisation. Regardless of the specific amount, by choosing Creative Pension Trust your employer has shown a dedication to you and your future success.

In addition to the above benefits of saving with Creative Benefit Trust, you will have:

  • Money set aside for your future -The earliest you can access your pension is from age 55, an age set by the government. This means your money is free to grow for the long-term, so you’ll have money safely set aside for tomorrow.
  • Protection for loved ones – If you die before reaching your retirement your pension doesn’t die with you. You can nominate loved ones or even a charity close to your heart so that someone else can benefit from your savings.
  • An option for a tax-free lump sum – When you decide to take your pension, you can choose to take a quarter of your money back as a lump sum without paying any tax on it. If you’ve saved regularly, this can be a significant amount thanks to your employer contributions, tax relief and investment growth
  • A low-cost, easy way to invest – Your pension is one of the easiest, lowest-cost ways to invest and grow your money. Huge economies of scale and a dedicated team of experts ensure member charges are as low as possible and your money is well-managed.
  • Freedom to do what you want – Your money is your money. Once you’re over 55 and decide to start taking your pension, you can use your money however you want. You may want a regular income, to draw money from time to time, to leave it to grow or take it all. It’s your choice.

Creative Pension Trust takes your financial wellbeing seriously and we make sure that you have the tools you need to get the most out of your experience. Saving with us means:

  • An incredibly easy and affordable way to save for your future
  • An easy-to-understand workplace pension
  • A secure member portal that makes managing you savings easy
  • And global investment specialists managing your savings and investments

We are here to help you save for a more financially secure future. The following video explains a little more about how much you may want to save and what that can mean for your quality of life in retirement:

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