Welcome to Creative Pension Trust! If you’ve just been enrolled by your employer and want to understand more, you have come to the right place.

About your plan with us

  • You’ve been enrolled through the process of auto-enrolment. This is because your employer is required to set up a pension for all eligible employees.
  • A workplace pension helps to make sure that you have a plan in place to fund your retirement, especially because the State Pension is below the normal cost of living.
  • This pension works by investing contributions from both you and your employer to set you up for a more fulfilling retirement.
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Need a little more information?

This video helps to explain why you’ve been enrolled into Creative Pension Trust:

Want to know more?

At Creative Pension Trust, we want to ensure that all of our members are fully equipped to understand and get the best value out of their pension and their relationship with Creative Pension Trust.

About your membership

As a nation, we are living much longer but aren’t saving enough money for the future, which is why the government wants all employees to have access to a workplace pension like Creative Pension Trust. It’s easy to save into your workplace pension because everything is taken care of automatically.

Each pay day, you and your employer pay into your account together and, if you pay tax on what you earn, the government also gives you tax relief on what you pay in. Because your contribution is collected from your pay and your employer handles everything for you, it’s very easy to start the healthy habit of saving regularly. And, because when you pay your employer does too, your workplace pension is one of the most effective and efficient ways to build up your savings towards a happier and more financially secure retirement.

Been Auto-enrolled? Information for first-time savers

You’ve likely been auto enrolled into Creative Pension Trust because you started a new job or because of a change in your age or earnings, which means your employer is required by law to auto-enrol you into their chosen workplace pension.

You don’t need to do anything to continue saving for your future – that’s all taken care of for you. However, this guide will tell you more about how your account with Creative Pension Trust works and provides important, helpful information so you can make the best decisions for your future.

Been Re-enrolled? Don’t lose out again!

Your employer is required by law to re-enrol you into their chosen workplace pension around every3 years to encourage you to save for your retirement. If you’ve previously opted-out, it means you’ve been losing out on extra benefits like money from your employer and a tax break from the government – it’s a bit like turning down a pay rise.

Now is as good a time as any to make sure you don’t miss out again. It’s never too late to start saving but the earlier you do, the better.

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