• If you have more than one job or you have been re-employed by the same employer, you may have more than one pension account with us
  • Depending on the plans your employer(s) selected, we may be able to merge your records, so you just have one account. This doesn’t apply if both your accounts with us are active because you have two jobs
  • Contact us and a member of the team will see how we can help
You may need to speak to us about this
Applies to all our plans

How do I merge my Creative Pension Trust accounts?

If you have been employed periodically with the same employer or you have been auto enrolled by more than one employer that has partnered with Creative Pension Trust as provider of their workplace pension scheme, you may find you have more than one account with us.

Depending on which plan your previous employer used or which plan your current employer has with us, it may be possible to merge your account records so you have one single account with us. This does not apply if you are employed in more than one job at a time as each employer is responsible for their own workplace pension arrangements and fulfilling their obligations to you as their employee.

If you have more than one pension account with us and would like us to review whether it is possible to merge your records, you can contact us on 0151 448 5456 or email us and a member of our team will see how we can help you.

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