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A step-by-step guide to checking the current value of your pension savings:

Need help to find your pension fund value on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal? Check out this step-by-step video:

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Finding your pension value couldn’t be simpler using the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal.

To see how much your pension is worth, simply log in with your account details and you will be taken to your own personal dashboard. This provides you a regular update on your:

  • Current Fund Value – this is the current total value of your pension, including any contributions recently received from your employer which are not yet invested in your chosen investment funds
  • Projected Fund Value – this is how much the value of your pension could be at your chosen Target Retirement Age, based on today’s value, what you and your employer regularly pay in, and assumed future growth
  • Pension Performance – this is how much your pension has grown based on the performance of your chosen investments since the date you joined us. This is shown in percentage and £ terms
  • Latest Contributions – this provides the amount of the last contribution we received from your employer and the date we received it. You can also see what proportion of your pay is being paid in by you and your employer in percentage terms. If you have a Salary Exchange arrangement with your employer, you will only the total contribution that you and your employer make together in the ‘Employer’ field.

How much your pension is worth will vary from day to day based on investment performance how much and how often you pay in. You can log in to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal at any time to see how your pension is doing.

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