Professional Connections

We work with other professional advisers such as accountants and solicitors, to provide mutual clients with a seamless, complementary planning service.

By working together with other professional advisers, we believe such clients benefit from a more joined up approach with both parties potentially benefiting from expanding the services they offer and sharing revenue, where appropriate.

Whilst we can work on an ad hoc basis, such as one-off pension splitting services for divorce cases, we prefer to build up ongoing relationships with other advisers, enabling regular cross-referrals and a better service for mutual clients.

We have a team of expert Advisers, an experienced Paraplanning support team and a complete back office (including in-house compliance and accounting). This means we have the resources to carry out large outsourcing arrangements, e.g. pension transfers from group pension schemes.

Examples of Complementary Services


We don’t offer pure tax planning but naturally seek to use tax-efficient products and allowances. We serve a large number of high net worth clients who often need personal and business tax advice.

Our Chartered Financial Planners provide expert investment advice, as well as product and market knowledge. These services can often work in tandem with end of tax year planning and capital gains mitigation.


We don’t offer legal advice or services but look for opportunities to establish suitable trusts where appropriate. We serve a large number of high net worth clients who often need personal and business legal advice. This means we may be able to refer clients for your services. We find solicitors most often refer their clients to us for:

  • Pensions and divorce assistance,
  • Investment planning for trust funds,
  • Retirement planning and use of carry forward tax reliefs.
IFAs, Networks, Restricted Financial Advisers and GI Brokers

We appreciate that our services may overlap with your own, but this doesn’t mean we can’t work together. There may often be times where one business doesn’t provide a service which a client has a need for, that the other business can easily meet. In areas where we both operate, a non-compete agreement can be drawn up. Most typically, we work with other Financial Advisers on specialist work such as Defined Benefit transfers or QROPS transfers for their clients.

Where appropriate, we can provide Non Disclosure Agreements and Introducer Agreements to enable open discussion and documented terms of engagement. We can also operate ‘no cross sell’ agreements on designated services, if required.

As a Chartered Financial Planning business, we pride ourselves on high ethical and service standards. We only seek to work with other professionals who share similar values.

To discuss a particular client’s financial planning needs or to explore working together on agreed services, please contact us.


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