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Getting Investment Advice can be one of the most beneficial things you can do for your personal finances and long-term financial wellbeing, but many people forget that investments needs to be reviewed regularly and managed in order to ensure they perform and reflect the level of risk you are prepared to take with your money.

Unlike ordinary savings accounts where you can expect a certain level of interest – and, these days, often very little – investments are different. Although keeping your money in a cash savings account also has risks, such as seeing your savings eroded by inflation and low interest rates, investments can provide longer-term growth if managed correctly – and that is best achieved by taking Investment Advice from a Chartered Financial Planner.

How does Investment Advice work?

Perhaps you have accumulated investments over time, took out a policy a long time ago, or are managing somebodies’ investments in a trust. Whatever your circumstances, the best Investment Advice starts by understanding your financial circumstances as a whole, rather than just individual policies.

Managing your investments by yourself can be tricky. Although there is plenty of information available to investors in the press and online, keeping track of everything and making investment decisions across all of your finances can be tricky and time consuming. Regulated Investment Advice can provide you with greater clarity, control and confidence, knowing that the whole picture is being looked at by someone with experience and specialist expertise.

What are the key considerations when investing?

Quality Investment Advice should cover all of your financial arrangements, including pensions, stocks and shares ISAs and other general investment accounts, so that they work together to support your financial goals. Some key things to consider when investing are:

Time Horizon - How long you’ll need to invest:

Your investments should be configured to support your goals and aspirations in the long-term and medium-term, whilst ensuring you have access to enough savings in the short-term. Keeping some of your wealth in short-term investments and cash will ensure you do not need to cash in investments prematurely and risk losing money.

Attitude to Risk - Where you should invest:

All investments carry a degree of risk depending on the underlying asset. For example, shares in an exciting new company may offer a greater potential return but may be more volatile than a UK Government Bond, which would usually be considered very safe, but provide a lower return. On the other hand, cash is considered safest as you know from day to day how much money you have in your savings account, but you risk losing purchasing power due to inflation.

Your investments should be matched to your personal attitude towards taking risk, the amount you are investing, the goals you have and your time horizons. A financial adviser can help you quantify the risks you are prepared to take to meet your goals.

Investment Amount - How much you should invest:

The strongest financial plans start with preserving and protecting what you already have and covering your short terms needs. This means having the right kind of protection (such as life insurance or income protection) and enough cash savings to cover immediate needs. How and where you invest will depend on your existing savings, overall wealth, your financial goals and your time horizons.

Creative’s Investment Advice options:

Our approach to Investment Advice and Wealth Management is built entirely to support your financial planning and long-term financial wellbeing. Our aim is to maximise your returns given the amount of risk you are prepared to take. We can offer you Investment Advice across all of your financial plans such as Personal Pensions, Stocks & Shares ISAs and other General Investment Accounts.

We’ll get to know you and make sure we understand your aims and circumstances, building a picture together of your investment risk profile. We will work through your requirements, whether it’s growing your wealth or taking an income from your investments, and recommend a portfolio to you:

Bespoke Portfolio

Once we understand your attitude towards risk, we will allocate your investments across a range of different assets, typically:

  • Cash/Fixed interest
  • Fixed interest
  • Commercial property/Infrastructure
  • UK Equities
  • Global Equities
  • Emerging Markets

We will also advise you on the most suitable tax wrapper for your personal investments including ISAs, pensions, onshore bonds, offshore bonds and others to ensure your investments are as tax efficient as possible. In each of these, we will recommend a suitable fund or range of investment funds, considering any specific criteria you have, such as ethical investing, for example.

Multi-Manager/Model Portfolio

Once we understand your attitude towards risk, we will allocate your investment to a Multi-Manager or Model Portfolio fund which closely matches your profile. These types of funds invest in a number of other funds which means the risk is spread across a much wider range, and they can operate across a range of tax wrappers.

Crucially, fund managers will make investment changes on a day to day basis and as they feel necessary without requiring your prior approval. For example, this may be due to economic factors or because the manager believes there are better performing opportunities elsewhere. We carry out thorough due diligence to ensure that the fund managers we recommend for this service meet our own strict selection criteria.

Bespoke Discretionary Fund Management

As with Multi-Manager and Model Portfolio, a Bespoke Discretionary Fund Manager (DFM) does not require your prior approval before making changes to a portfolio – they have the ‘discretion’ to manage the portfolio in line with your objectives and overall risk constraints. This means a portfolio can be changed quickly to react to sudden changes in the investment environment.

A DFM will often invest in an even wider range of instruments, such as individual equities, structured investments, investment trusts, private equity funds, hedge funds and cash deposits, as well as the usual managed funds.

You will receive your own bespoke portfolio, run by an expert fund manager, to meet your specific goals and objectives rather than the ‘sector average’. Due to the customised nature of discretionary management, the minimum investment required across all wrappers is typically £250,000.

Our role is to explore with you the best option to improve the value of your savings, whether you want to invest more, for longer, or improve the returns on your investments by selecting different funds or changing your level of risk. We will negotiate hard on your behalf to get you the best deal for your particular circumstances – and our advice is totally impartial as we have access to the whole of the market.

Investments are not ‘set and forget’, they need to be managed and reviewed carefully and regularly, so we offer a regular financial planning review to ensure you are on track. And, because nothing ever stays the same for long, we will use this opportunity to make adjustments to your financial plan and your investment portfolio to account for changes in your circumstances and any new goals you have.

Creative will help you preserve, manage and grow your wealth

Creative’s Wealth Management Team of Chartered Financial Planners can help you quantify your attitude to investment risk, understand your financial goals and aspirations, arrange and manage investments uniquely suited to you. We are entrusted with the stewardship of over £175m of investments, helping make tomorrow something to look forward to for our customers. Take control of your investments – talk to Creative today.


Important information about investments and investing

  • The value of your investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back what you initially invested

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