Estate Planning

You may know of cases where someone has been left an inheritance and has plans to pay the school fees with it or buy a holiday property, for example, but this proves impossible because the entire amount gets eroded by tax.

We offer help and advice in the whole area of estate planning. So whether you have questions concerning Inheritance Tax, Wills, Trusts or Lasting Powers of Attorney, our experts can provide the answers.

Inheritance Tax (IHT) is no longer simply a tax on the rich. Many people with even modest assets, including just their main residence, could find their dependants will face the prospect of paying taxes on their estate.

Normally, IHT is levied at 40% on the whole estate less a ‘nil rate band’, which is £325,000 (with up to £650,000 for couples). A single person, for example, with an estate valued at £1,000,000, would have a tax bill of £270,000 (40% of £675,000), if no mitigating action was taken. Additional thresholds are being phased in between now and 2021 for some circumstances.

IHT, however, is one of the few taxes that can often be significantly reduced, or sometimes avoided altogether, through careful forward planning.

Our Financial Planners have a thorough knowledge of IHT mitigation and can calculate your likely potential liability. They will work with you to establish a strategy that might include making use of the various allowances available together with a combination of gifts, trusts, insurances and inheritance-tax-efficient investment vehicles.

This will ensure as much of your estate as possible can be passed on to your loved ones and selected beneficiaries.

Linked to this is the importance of making a Will – a surprisingly low percentage of adults in the UK have actually made a Will which can mean their estate doesn’t get distributed in the way they would have intended. And even fewer 75-84 year olds have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

If you have any concerns over your estate planning, do get in touch with us.

  • Trust plans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

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