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At the recent annual Wealth Manager Investment Performance Awards, we were delighted to learn that LGT Vestra had won the Balanced Portfolio category, beating four other finalists.

The awards, held in association with Asset Risk Consultants, recognise firms delivering excellent, risk-adjusted performance for their clients. They cover seven categories, including portfolio awards for cautious, balanced, growth and aggressive mandates, together with overall company awards for best small, medium and large firms. It was a close-fought contest, with six different companies being recognised over the seven fields.

We’ve been using LGT Vestra at Creative Wealth Management since 2012. The figures speak for themselves, with them delivering a balanced portfolio performance of 28.43%, against the peer group, ARC Sterling Balanced Asset PCI of 17.63%.

LGT Vestra are based in the City of London and currently have circa £10 billion of funds under management. Model portfolios are a way for you to access a well-diversified portfolio of investments through the convenience of a single investment decision. They’re designed to help you achieve your objectives by taking your individual risk profile into account.

As well as their model portfolio option across five different risk categories, LGT Vestra also offer a bespoke discretionary fund management service with an individual fund manager. Just like the model portfolio’s they are unconstrained and offer both passive and active elements, whichever is most appropriate for the particular client. As the asset allocation is actively managed, there is the reassurance that someone is looking at it all the time.

The ultimate aim in fund management, of course, is to achieve above average returns with the lowest level of risk. LGT Vestra manage funds on a volatility basis and, as a result, have delivered good, risk-adjusted returns. We’ve also been impressed by their personal touch. Clients like the fact there is no conflict of interest since they do market their own funds and that they can be confident a fund is being put into a portfolio purely on its own merit.

When we first selected our model portfolio provider, lots of firms were keen for us to choose them. We undertook a rigorous due diligence process, looking at a number of factors including their expertise, scale, ability to strike deals, governance, availability, charging structure and rebalancing methodology. We also looked at how they benchmarked themselves and how they delivered against the standard they set. We repeat this exercise every 2 years.

Congratulations again to LGT Vestra – we hope that clients using their services continue to see robust investment returns in future.

If you would like to discuss how investment managers such as Vestra can help you to grow your Wealth, please contact your Creative Financial Planner.

The value of your investment may go down as well as up.

You may get less that you originally invested.


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