Give your employees greater choice and control of their Employee Benefits

Voluntary Benefits and Flexible Benefits offer employers the chance to give their workforces a range of imaginative and creative benefits to augment benefits that employees increasingly see as ‘standard’, like Death in Service and a Workplace Pension.
Today, an increasing number of organisations find themselves needing to cater for the diverse needs of multiple generations. Creative can help your organisation make effective use of Voluntary Benefits and Flexible Benefits, adding depth to your employee benefits programme so you can offer a range of perks to suit lifestyles and needs of employees in any age bracket.

How Voluntary Benefits can enhance your Employee Benefits Programme

When it comes to catering for employee wellbeing across multiple generations, it’s important to remember that needs change at different ages. Similarly, as workforce demographics change, so too do the impacts of the economy on people at different stages of their lives.
Traditional Employee Benefits Programmes may offer a range of core benefits, such as life cover (‘Death in Service’) and a Workplace Pension. However, whilst these are important employee benefits, younger generations may be more concerned with reducing their outgoings by accessing discounts and they may not own a home or have a family. This may mean your standard benefits are not perceived by some workers to be as valuable to them.
Voluntary Benefits cover a wide range of added-value benefits that can suit lifestyle needs of all kinds and are normally paid for through payroll deduction or salary sacrifice. Creative can help you arrange benefits such as:
  • Discount Scheme: offering a range of deals and discounts to reduce weekly shopping bills, travel and holiday costs, luxury purchases and much more
  • Cycle-to-work Scheme: offering employees a tax-efficient way to purchase a bike and stay active
  • Health Cash Plans: offering an affordable way to access a range of health-related benefits, including physiotherapy, dental, massages and other complementary treatments that promote overall wellbeing
  • Dental Plans: offering an affordable way to budget for ongoing dental check-ups and emergency dental care
  • Technology Purchase Discounts and Payment Plans: offering employees affordable access to new technology such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, spreading the cost and often with a discount from RRP
Voluntary Benefits put your employees in the driving seat, allowing them to make decisions about their employee benefits so their personal and financial needs are covered. An experienced Employee Benefits Consultant can assess, shortlist and install the most suitable providers and help you deploy a Salary Sacrifice programme so employees can access the benefits they want easily and affordably.

Taking personalisation to the next level with Flexible Benefits

A quality employee benefits programme should address your employees’ personal wellbeing and financial wellbeing requirements. With the added choice that Voluntary Benefits provide, this can further broaden the appeal to your workforce and recruitment candidates. Flexible Benefits allow employers to take this a step further by adding greater customisation.
Flexible Benefits allow your employees to make changes to their Employee Benefits within an overall budget. This self-service approach allows them to consider the important healthcare and financial factors in their own lives that they may seek additional support with. For example, you may provide Private Medical Insurance for your employees, but they may wish to provide this benefit to their spouse or children. You many provide a Death in Service benefit of 4 x salary, but they may wish to cover a greater level of financial commitments.
Creative is fully independent of all Flexible Benefits providers and technology providers of Flexible Benefits Platforms. We can advise you on the best Flexible Benefits scheme design based on your budget and employee demographic and help you identify the most suitable technology platform to host your employee benefits programme.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Creative can show you how

In a competitive jobs market where the best talent is becoming harder to find, you need to stand out from your industry competition. An Employee Benefits Programme that offers Voluntary Benefits can help to ensure you are able to attract the talent you need for your organisation to thrive.
Let us help you stand out in this difficult recruitment market with benefits that appeal to all. Talk to Creative today.

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