Group Protection and Healthcare

We work closely with employers to help them deliver a Group Protection and Healthcare package which fits the needs of their employees. We offer a full consultancy service and will help with the design and implementation of the programme as well as providing ongoing support services.

Group Protection and Healthcare products give employees access to insurance cover for such things as long term illness, loss of life and medical treatment.

They can provide vital practical and financial support for the employee and family members in difficult situations. From an employer’s point of view, these products provide an opportunity to reduce the impact of such events on their staff.

  • Income protection – the payment of a regular income in the event of long-term illness or injury of an employee
  • Critical illness cover – a lump sum payment to an employee in the event of a diagnosis fulfilling a range of medical conditions
  • Group life insurance – typically a lump sum payment to dependants on the death of an employee
  • Private medical insurance – giving employees access to private healthcare diagnosis and treatment
  • Dental insurance plans – providing routine and emergency dental treatment
  • Hospital cash plans – payment of a cash benefit to employees when routine healthcare check ups or treatment are required

For the employer, the advantages of a comprehensive benefits package are that it fosters a culture of care and also minimises the costs of employee absence. It also helps to attract and retain quality staff. These benefits can all be relatively low cost to provide but all rate consistently highly with employees as they promote peace of mind, knowing that they are protecting and insuring themselves and their families.

We can review and reshape your existing current Group Protection and Healthcare benefits package, making sure it is fit for purpose and that as an employer you are getting the best deal for your budget, with the most appropriate cover. As we have the ability to research the whole of the market, we can often deliver cost savings, negotiate discounts due to scale, or recommend policy and cover improvements.

You may well be offering some of these benefits already but it could be worth taking another look to ensure you are getting the most cost effective package, and that there aren’t unidentified gaps in your provision.

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