Don’t lose touch with your savings!

It’s important to update your details with us if ever your personal or contact details change. Remember, your pension is your money, so don’t lose touch. 

You can use the forms and links on this page to update your details with us and your profile on the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal so we can continue to send you important information about your account and ensure your pension remains safe and secure.

When your personal details change

You can update your details with us any time using your Member Portal. From here you can make sure we have valid and up to date information such as your:
  • current postal address
  • personal email
  • mobile telephone number
We advise all members to provide an up to date, valid mobile number and a personal email address (your own email, not one issued by your employer) to ensure we can continue to reach you about important matters relating to your pension with us.
You can also update your Member Portal profile information, including your:
  • username
  • password
  • security questions
If you have left your employer and are no longer able to access your old email address, or if you cannot access or reset your Member Portal account, you can download a form below instead.

Nominating your beneficiaries

​If the worst ever happened, it’s good to know your pension savings won’t disappear. You can tell us what you would like to happen to your pension if you were to die before taking it by nominating beneficiaries – the people you would like to inherit your fund if you died before being able to use it. You may, for example, want the whole fund to go to your spouse or partner, or you may want to split the fund into different amounts to go to different people.

By nominating your beneficiaries, we can identify and contact your loved ones and pay them a lump sum according to your wishes, subject to the usual checks and rules. To make your nominations or to change existing ones, click on ‘Nominate Your Beneficiaries‘. You will be directed to the Creative Pension Trust Member Portal, which you can visit at any time to update your details and beneficiaries.

Update Your Details

Download an update form

Nominate Your Beneficiaries

Access the Member Portal

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